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"Let's get this genocide started."

I just watched the three new exclusive clips from the Battlestar Galactica: The Plan DVD website, as directed to me by noybusiness. At first I wasn't going to watch it because, well, going to buy the DVDs when they come out anyway so, what would be the point of spoiling myself? However I'm kinda glad I did, because now my brain is geared up with interesting thinky-thoughts of what I'd just seen and I have to write them out. The clips themselves aren't overly spoilery, but nevertheless are new from the DVD.

Clip #1: Cylon Meeting In Chapel

What I found interesting about this clip isn't the fact that they're discussing their plan of action, of the original plan and what their intentions will be for destroying the rest of the surviving human fleet, but how they regard each other. They address one another according to their model number, that's it. There are no created names amongst each other that they don't use when blending with the humans. We've known that Cavil hardly addresses any of the models by their chosen human names even as the series progressed, because he doesn't see himself or the others as individual people but as what they were created as, machines. There is no need for individualism so names are irrelevant to him.

Obviously names are given to Cylons who infiltrate and blend with the humans, which would mean they would have to develop some sense of individualistic mannerisms and behaviors so they don't seem completely robotic or give suspicions away. Despite that though, they clearly have different personalities than the "worker bees" of the Cylon society which all have the same mindset with the rest of their models. For example with the two Sixes in this scene, Shelley Godfrey and the new Six that we'll be introduced to, clearly exhibit different personality types. Shelley is a bit more reserved and soft-spoken whereas the hardcore!Six is a bit edgier, has a bit more bite and doesn't hold back to what she feels or acts.

This is just from watching the clip mind you, but I found it very interesting just that little tidbit there about model numbers versus names. What's even more interesting is how the other Cylons don't know about Boomer being a sleeper agent, despite her being one for two years.

Clip #2: Caprica Is Burning

The fascinating part of watching this clip is seeing some footage of the different colonies as they're being destroyed. There's been wonder whether we would see the other Colonies than just Caprica, and while brief this was absolutely fantastic (and interestingly enough, Jane Espenson mentioned that there will be some things from the different Colonies in the prequel series Caprica, so yay).

Also got to give the actress playing the Hybrid props for her amazing work. It's not easy just laying there and spewing out nonsensical gobbledygook in a cryptic manner. Although here it's not entirely cryptic at all, as she's returning the destruction of the Colonies, that they are all "burning" -- and watching the other Cylons on the baseship, their hands in the datastream, smiling in content as the plan are being unfolded. It's beautiful yet disturbing and horrific all at the same time. I can't wait to see it fully on the DVD.

Clip #3: Boomer's Struggle

Now this particular scene I'm intrigued with most of all. Cavil is visiting Boomer while she's locked up after shooting Adama, nearly scolding her for not killing him and she defends her actions by not being in full control of her actions.

I was a bit confused at first, but watching it again it actually makes sense. The Plan is focused on the Cylons perspective during the first two seasons of the show, of what we didn't see. Since the beginning we have seen Boomer's human side and her inner struggles of what she is, what this urge that's underneath the surface and she's conflicted by it. Now here, we're seeing the pure machine side of her, the Cylon-side that clearly is aware of her mission that is asleep while underneath the alias of Boomer within the Colonial fleet. We go from one Boomer to the other, the machine from the human this go around, which makes matters interesting if we're going to be looking at it from this perspective. And what's even more interesting her describing having to imagine turning herself into a Centurion in order to get the job done. The last thing she says in this clip is "I lost the best part of myself."

The influence of humanity has been weighing down on her, she's no longer in complete control as the human programming that was placed into her fully believes she is human and part of the fleet, and it's fighting back against her own Cylon nature. I believe when she says that she lost the best part of herself was implying that she lost the sense of her true Cylon nature, having to imagine becoming a Centurion in order to kill that humanity that's inside of her.

See, this side of Boomer's story is more fascinating because it offers an interesting question. When she downloaded after being killed, she was no longer a sleeper agent, yet she retained all her human memories and felt like she truly was human. Did her human side overpower the Cylon side, or did they both mesh together?

The Plan comes out on DVD October 27th, be sure to grab your copy if you haven't pre-ordered it yet when it comes out. Since EJO did promise that if they sold enough copies of the DVD there would be more telemovies heading out way.

Speaking of, I would love to see a movie centering around Kobol and Pythia or about life of the Thirteenth Tribe was and the technological evolution that was given for the Final Five and the threat of their entire world being destroyed. Or maybe giving us more backstory into Zarek and his political activism of such. I mean, yeah we have the comics for those things but it would be interesting to have an onscreen adaptation or interpretation of it, exploring the different stories and possibilities. We already have prequels within the BSG universe, and a prequel series coming up, so why not go back before all of that?

Or we could just have a SPN/BSG/TSCC crossover and be done with it. But yeah, only in my own fangirlish dreams. Heh.
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