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Can time go too slow that you go back a day?

++ HAPPY SUPERNATURAL DAY, EVERYONE! Are they going for a hiatus after this, if I'm hearing correctly? I know some shows are being preempted for like baseball games and whatnot, but as far as with the CW I don't know. Anyone know?

++ What is up with Stargate Universe getting all this promotion? I mean, new show sure that's all fine and great in getting the word out, but was there this kind of heavy promotion for the other Stargate shows? Somehow I feel like they're milking it wayyy too much. I mean, where was this promotion and advertisement for Battlestar Galactica, or for Dollhouse or even Supernatural? Right now I'm getting so sick of seeing all this SGU floating around. We need this kind of advertisement for shows like SPN where it hardly gets that kind of media recognition. Just saying.

++ Heroes is made of major fail. But what else is new, right? I just can't believe they would have the audacity to do something like that to anyone, actor or not. That's just cold and low. *shakes head*

++ Looks like Tricia Helfer and Grace Park are in Maxim Magazine together. You can take a look here for the outtakes of their photoshoot (kinda NSFW but not really, if you're familiar with Maxim).
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