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"Just a broken machine who thinks she's a human."

++ "APOCALYPSE" BY BEAR MCCREARY <--- SO ADDICTED, BBS! ♥ This has been playing nonstop, and really Bear is just a musical genius, and Raya Yarbrough's vocals are amazing.

Aside from the awesomeness of the Cylons and the fact that EJO is quite an equal opportunist when it comes to full frontal nudity, it's the music that really gets to you. I always get chills whenever I listen to Bear's music. I needs the soundtrack now, kthx. If anyone that's a BSG fan and hasn't seen The Plan yet, what the hell are you waiting for? Step to it, people!

++ The premiere of V is tomorrow, and right now SciFi is having a marathon of the original series to get people ready for the reboot version. I'm very excited for it because I've read many interesting things with what this newer version of the series is going to be mainly about, and really, Morena Baccarin and Alan Tudyk? Sign me up, please. As if I need more shows to keep up with, though.

++ Dean/Castiel fanmix in the works, in fact it's nearly finished. GO ME! \O/

++ Joss Whedon offering himself up for the position of taking on the Terminator franchise? Serious or tongue-in-cheek? Hmmm, it would be interesting to see personally speaking, since if there's something that's lacking in the recent films is something that Joss can provide. I would much have him contribute to making a movie of TSCC of sorts, to be able to work with Summer Glau again and to play around in the Terminator sandbox. Hey, who knows?
Tags: badass motherfucking cylons, battlestar galactica, bear mccreary, joss whedon, new fandoms, v
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