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Devotion is a dangerous weapon.

I think I've just discovered a new shiny fandom, omgwhut.


Secondly, there is so much mixed things happening from this pilot, but in a good way. There's a sense of who should you trust and which side should you trust. Also, there are A LOT of similarities between the Visitors and the Cylons, hence why I wanted to watch this in the first place because I knew I would end up liking the Visitors (and it doesn't hurt that Morena is their leader, heh). It's like the Cylon plan of possibly destroying or occupying humanity, only in reverse. There are infiltrators who lived among us, but once the others revealed themselves to us as being Visitors from their ships they aren't hostile, in fact quite the opposite. Unlike the Cylons when they decided to nuke the Twelve Colonies the Visitors want peace, they want friendship and cooperation and most of all, our acceptance of their arrival; which goes along the same lines of such "peace" when the Cylons decided for such truce when they occupied New Caprica.

One of the things I kept thinking about is while I love the Cylons from BSG, should I love the Visitors? It's obvious there's something more sinister boiling from their big plans, but there's also those who are Traitors, Visitors who go against the rest and just want to live normal, peaceful lives amongst humans. This isn't going to be simply black and white, which is what I'm looking forward to most of all.

The re-imagining of V, like the re-imagining of BSG, takes on our present day current events, such as politics and religion, war and terrorism. It addresses the basic human fear, the fear of change and the fear of the unknown; who are these Visitors? Do they really mean what they say? Are we being blind in accepting their arrival, devoting ourselves to their mercy? Should we believe anything they're saying, or are we being utterly paranoid?

Of course, there's been plenty of accusations for months that the Visitors = the Obama administration (the acceptance and need for change, the universal health care mention, the need for peace amongst everyone, rallying up more and more supporters, not accepting certain bias against them a la FOX News not being allowed into the White House, etc.) which I highly doubt it's meant to be directed to the Obama administration. It's just a universal issue that we, as a people, being threatened with something such as change, such as everything we once knew being stripped from us by something greater or bigger and we feel the need to rally against it. But it's complicated because sometimes this is a survival instinct, such as those who instinctively know something is up with the Visitors in V, but other times could it just be overreaction? That's the thing I see here when people make that political connection. But whatever, people will see what they want to see.

I know, I know, too many thinky-thoughts right now and I don't know where I'm going with them. Anyway....

I loved Morena Baccarin as Anna, the main leader of the Visitors. She has such perfect poise and I adore her outfits and how she delivers her lines. Her expressions are also chilling because smiling like that, and giving off this unsettling look? Just wow, I love it. ♥ More of Morena, please. I also kinda figured about Alan halfway through (also someone spoiled me for it on my f-list without cutting, grrr) but I'm happy we'll be seeing more of him soon.

There is something that I was bothered with, though. The young priest mentioned in the beginning that he wasn't convinced that God could have created humans and "aliens" to live together in the same universe, or something along the lines. That bothered me. I believe that God didn't just create Earth and human beings and all the creatures, but that He created the entire universe which includes other galaxies, and that we aren't solely the only living intelligent creatures out there in the void of space. Of course, this is the mindset of a lot of religious folks so of course he would be speaking out towards them, and the elderly priest definitely is more open to the thought that the Visitors are also God's children. Just a thought I had, anyway.

I don't know where this show is headed, but as for this pilot? I am sold. IT WAS AMAZING AND I WANT MORE, KTHX.

This also kinda makes me want Virtuality to have been renewed, too, because I feel that between V and Caprica I'm going to be empty with good science fiction shows for a while.
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