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Just a day, just an ordinary day...

++ For all my friends who haven't seen it yet, my Christmas card post for anyone who would like a card from moi.

++ Speaking of Christmas, CHRISTMAS SHOPPING MAKES ME HAPPY! Okay, so today I just went out and didn't buy anything yet, still have to pay my credit card bill before the crazy shopping begins, but I don't have to purchase anything to enjoy the wonders of the holiday shopping. I don't know if I'm just weird or whatever, but even with the earliness of stores putting up their Christmas sales it just makes me very happy. I can wander through those sections of stores and malls, being surrounded by all the Christmasy decorations and the music and glittering ornaments, I don't know what it is but it makes me all warm and fuzzy inside.

This is why Christmas is my favorite holiday of the entire year. It fills me with utter happiness that it doesn't matter what's happening in my life, I always tend to smile. :D

++ FIC REC: Where Ask is Have, Where Seek is Find by ariadnes_string. It's a coda for SPN 5.08 with Dean and Castiel, and I just, oh, I love this. It's short, but sweet, and really gets a certain satisfactory feeling about that ending, if you will. ♥

++ I'm kinda shifting my icons right now, I'm in a happy mood. I'm going for some cutesy icons, mainly dealing with Castiel, Dean/Castiel and Victor/Sierra, and just happy fluffy things. I don't know, could be the effect of the holiday season, but whatever. I'm in a happy mood, therefore happy icons to make me more happy! :D :D :D
Tags: christmas, christmas cards, rl on the dl, supernatural
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