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Okay. So. Chicago Con. My very first Supernatural convention experience, and let me just say how utterly EPIC IT WAS! Like, really. I only went for Saturday, but it was the best Saturday a girl could have. This was me before going to Chicago:

But that didn't last very long...

Friday Evening

Me and my aunt arrived at the hotel late afternoon, we scoped the place, which wasn't that huge to be honest with you. We had some dinner there (which was far to expensive), and later on that night, 10:00pm, I went to the karaoke bar which, of course, is where I met some of my lj friends who said they were going to be there, and hung out with the for the rest of the evening and for the remaining time I was there.

tracy, who I recognized first and knew I had to introduce myself because ASDFJ;LSDFA; IT'S TRACY! :D Then gembat who I also recognized from her pics/vids on her journal, the rest were woodstarling, vichan, awkwardjonas, lucythedragon, laivine and breakinporcelan. I also met dammitjared as well, who is tentatively new to fandom and lj so, if you're reading this bb, hai! (If I'm forgetting anyone please forgive me, I don't think I did by the entire weekend has been such a blur so, heh). But really, YOU GUYS ARE SO ADORABLE I FEEL LIKE I'VE KNOWN YOU FOR LIKE EVER! JUST BEING AROUND YOU ALL MADE ME FEEL LIKE I WASN'T ALONE AND WE JUST ALL CLICKED AND HAD AN AMAZING TIME TOGETHER. ILU ALL. ♥

Anyway, I hung out with them in the karaoke bar, which was hot with all the body heat and everything, and sat next to tracy, chatting with everyone, singing along with some songs, groaning/making fun of those who were singing really really badly. And then, Alona Tal (Jo Harvelle) and Traci Dinwiddie (Pamela Barnes) came out and were singing! :D I couldn't get good pictures of them, but their singing voices were amazing, especially Traci's. Just, omg. They were both adorable.

We kinda dispersed after a little while, and I returned to the hotel room. Gotta have that hearty night's sleep because of Saturday!


We had so-so seats, being preferred seating and all, not exactly close but not that far away either. First of all, my camera sucked. I didn't realize how bad the zoom would be and how pixely it would turn out. Thankfully, my aunt had the better camera and took some video clips as well. So she did most of the picture/video taking, I tried to get as much as I could, but most weren't that great.

Funny thing: this is my aunt's first exposure to fandom, so she was asking a lot of questions. For the fanvideos they were showing she was asking me about how people do that, and then after the SPN convention episode she then asked me about what's the deal with the "homoerotic" thing, which I vaguely explained that some people in fandom like that sort of thing. Her response? "But they're brothers!" XD I didn't bother wanting to explain the rest to her, because it was awkward to even try to explain a non-fannish, casual watcher of the show the things that go on in fandom.

Now, onto the panels!

I tried to figure how to write these out, because it's been a week since the convention and nearly everyone has the same stories about the questions and anecdotes from the actors, mostly seen on YT anyhow, so it would be redundant to repeat all that again. So I concluded to just write my impressions of these people and seeing them, in the flesh, instead of just behind the screen.

Richard Speight's panel was the most hilarious panel ever, my aunt was impressed and said that he's like a stand-up comedian. Too true, that statement is. Originally Jake Abel was to attend the con, but he bailed out and Richard filled in his slot. Which I have to say, is the best replacement ever. He was joking around a lot, talked about the show and about his life (one thing I have to mention is him saying that instead of an actor he would've been a lawyer, which was a pleasant little tidbit I hadn't known before). He was very animated throughout the entire thing, answered questions thoroughly and was just a hoot the entire time, a complete riot.

In fact, I think I've kinda fallen in love with Richard and this also happened after "Changing Channels" because I found him oddly attractive in that episode which whut? I don't know what it is, he's just a storyteller and you kinda wanna hear more with what he has to say.


Aldis Hodge's panel was too adorable, I loved him. HARDISON! :D There's just something about Aldis that I just love, it's his entire demeanor and the way he talks, which is in this very smooth tone. Although yeah, he only appeared in two episodes in the entire show and that was way back in season two, he still comes to these conventions. He loves "his people", which is what he calls us. Hee! He's not as animated as Richard was but still, all in the same, love all around. He talked about Supernatural and mostly about Leverage, and I think what made me love him even more was the part where he called his girlfriend in the middle of his panel. Everyone knows of what I am referring to, it was too cute. ♥ He's just

We then had a lunch break, where I kinda went and got some Chinese and then hung out with my lovely friends, and I introduced a couple of them to the Cylon Detector that one can download onto their iPhone. In truth I want this to be tested on Misha and actually suggested it, but alas it didn't pop up. One day, at another time at these cons, we'll have to see if Misha really IS a Cylon or just a mere mortal. ;)

Jim Beaver's panel was directly after lunch, and since I went out with my friends and we knew it would be cutting it close, though thankfully we didn't miss anything. I knew I loved Jim Beaver before going to this con, but just seeing him firsthand and later having to get a photo op with him? If I hadn't loved him before, I sure as hell do now. The man is like this huge inspiration, he's like a huge teddy bear you wanna give a hug to. I don't know if anyone else felt that way about Jim, but there's something so endearing about the way he tells his stories and plays it up sometimes for the audience (the "idjits" line will never get out). He's like that uncle you have that you love and adore because he's so entertaining and lovable and personable at the same time, you know? Maybe that's just me, I don't know. I loved his answers to the questions, and he gave a nice thorough explanation about his opinion about Bobby in a wheelchair this season, which I completely agree with. For anyone not knowing, he said that he likes that Bobby is dealing with the reality of having to be in a wheelchair, because that's the kind of hard reality most people do when faced with something so life-altering in their lives. Which I completely agree, 100%. He also talked about his book, Life's That Way, which after this I really want to pick it up. And just yeah, Jim is an amazing man. He loves the crowd and we love him.

Oh, and of course how could I forget that Misha crashed his panel, looking all fine in his suit which I'll get to in a moment. It seems that Misha loves crashing many of the actor's panels, not that I'm complaining or anything. ;)

And now, the moment you've all been waiting for....


From this moment on will be everything Misha-related, which includes the four times I had close encounters with him, because this was literally how the day went. Right from Misha's panel to after the whole epic autograph signing incident. Trust me, this was like the special lucky day for all of us, trufax.

Misha's Panel
So getting back into the grand ballroom after a small break, there were in the middle of another fanvideo when I went up to stand in line for one of the microphones, and who do I see standing right there? tracy! :D I was relieved because I was already getting nervous so having her there in front of me was like, the bestest ever. ♥

So, there's a lot I want to say about Misha's panel, but I could be here all day talking about how utterly charming and hilarious and amazing the man is which would be repeating what everyone already knows anyway, heh. Funnily I had to watch the panel again on YT because even while being in line I had missed some things because my brain shorted out a few times. Anyway, Misha was just so delightful, answering the questions, making with the funny, as the first thing that he said when he came out was to "set straight" the story about the pumpkin-colored underwear that Richard told, which was lolworthy at best, the only question that seemed to not bode well was the fanfic question, but Misha takes it in stride. As always. You can view the entirety of what he says on YT, which we all groaned and he knew that was going to happen, lol. But Misha being Misha he responded being all hilarious, which makes such an inappropriate question less uncomfortable, if you will. But oh, when will people ever learn? Seriously.

I think mostly everyone knows about the Misha and Tracy conversation, so I won't retaliate it, but I'll revisit it again in a bit because this spawned the epicness of the entire weekend, for sure. I will say that when he was trying to remember her name I was silently mouthing it behind her to "hint" at him. Perhaps I should have signed instead, but oh well.

OMG Y'ALL MY QUESTION! Okay, so, you can hear me here in the beginning of part 6 of the Misha panel videos. *hides from slight embarrassment because omg*

For those who can't view the video, here's the rundown: I had two questions for Misha. The problem though is that going into this convention I knew if I were to ask anyone anything it would have to be something nobody has asked before, since nearly all the conventions I've seen have people asking the same types of questions over and over again and it gets rather irritating. So I promised myself that I would go in prepared to ask something thought-provoking, or at least something that nobody asked previously. I even made a freaking list of things I wanted to ask Misha Collins. But the trouble with being in a line to ask him a question is that you have to listen to other people's questions to make sure they didn't take yours. With me, people were already taking several of mine left and right (the God question, about Jimmy's soul, where he thinks Gabriel sent Castiel in "Changing Channels") I was like DAMMIT PPL SRSLY? YOU PICK NOW A GOOD TIME TO USE UP ALL MY GOOD QUESTIONS?! WTF Y'ALL?! Luckily, I had backups.

I asked if we're going to have more Sam and Castiel interactions this season and the second question was about the whoopee-cushion scene in 5.06, which I don't know if that's as intellectual as I would have liked, but it got Misha to give a great anecdote about that hilarious scene. XD

Also, this wasn't caught on video, but when I started to speak I was so flustered that I giggled, actually giggled due to being so nervous. I think I was almost about to cry too, I was shaking so much. But Misha was SO NICE that he smiled at me and reassured me, and made a little joke about "making people feel bad", lol. But yeah, I was soooooo nervous. This was how it went:

MY MOUTH: *starts talking and asking questions*


But Misha is like, super duper nice and amazing and he looks at you and talks directly to you while answering your question. Like, he's answering for everyone to hear and will look out to the audience occasionally, but since you're the one asking the question he's responding directly back at you. Which my aunt thought was so sweet. ♥ So yeah, I think I could have been in a puddle of goo right then and there because MISHA FUCKING COLLINS IN A GQMF SUIT WAS LOOKING AND TALKING TO ME! I'm sure everyone's had that moment, this was mine. So, yeah.

Photo Op with Misha Collins and Jim Beaver
The lines that go on foorreevverrr! But are most definitely worth it. I was standing in line with vichan, waiting patiently as the line for the Misha and Jim photo op was slowly getting closer and closer. This is precisely where shit got so surreal because not only did I get a picture taken with MISHA FUCKING COLLINS and JIM MOTHERFUCKING BEAVER, but I also HUGGED THEM BOTH! :O I honestly can't even remember some of it because it's such a freaking blur, because there they were, and I was again so nervous and holy shit you got, they are even more beautiful in real life. Misha especially just, holy shit. That suit just makes he so, unf. Yeah. HIS SMILE IS TOO GORGEOUS JUST GAH! I don't even think I thought about hugging them at first, it was just an impulsive decision because I was like "it's now or never", and they accepted it and hugged me back! JUST HOLY SHIT YOU GUYS YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW!

I left the room and I swear to God, I was literally shaking and almost crying at that point. My legs felt like jelly, it's amazing I didn't fall flat on my face. One of the security ladies running the operation asked me if I was alright, I just said I was fine, just very overwhelmed/excited/happy/whatever I said because I can't remember. She smiled kindly and said that it was understandable. XD XD

But this is when shit gets even more surreal, you guys.

I found vichan with tracy, at this point I'm holding one of their hands because I was still feeling very dazed and dizzy from my encounter with the mens, who were heading towards the room again because apparently Misha had asked for Tracy to come in to see him, which is where they were going. Now, understand, this stuff never happens to me. I rarely get the opportunity to do these kinds of things so when they went back into the room, again, impulsive decision, I followed suit. Because dammit if I were to miss this.

We kinda like literally STOPPED the photo op session for a few minutes while Misha was talking/apologizing to Tracy, with Jim Beaver hovering over his shoulder hilariously. I'm surprised me and vichan weren't like kicked out or something, because we had snuck through the door and right in the corner where they were taking pictures. So I was, again, ALMOST A FOOT AWAY FROM THE PRETTY PRETTY MAN NAMED MISHA FUCKING COLLINS! I could not stop staring because I was like, is this for real? Am I really here? I swear I could have pinched myself. After everything though, I then had yet another impulse and said, "thank you Misha!" because, well, Tracy is a friend and the fact that he did this was so sweet. I think he said "you're welcome" back, which he would because Misha is a gentlemen like that. ♥

Autograph Signings/The Misha Milkshake Date
Those were three of my four encounters with Misha Collins, this is the biggest one because it was the sweetest, most genuine thing I have witnessed and has made me love Misha even more.

The autographing took forever, longer than expected actually since there was supposed to have been a dessert party for the Gold Ticket people but apparently that was bypassed because the autographs were still going on. I had stayed in the ballroom where it was taking place with my lovely friends because, well, I didn't have tickets for autographs and had nothing better to do, plus it was nice to hang with them, chatting and watching things on laptops (thanks to gembat, woodstarling and lucythedragon I'm now kinda addicted to It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia).

As for the milkshake story, tracy posted the full explanation what happened, starting from Misha's panel and how it all just escalated from there and how it got to the epic that happened with having a freaking milkshake date with Misha during his autograph signings.


Me and everyone else, like all eight or so of us I believe, were actually sitting in the front rows right behind where Tracy and Misha were having their little milkshake date, kinda like her protective posse. Which we are, because we love you Tracy bb. ♥ So yeah, being in the mere presence of Misha like this for the longest time was enough to make this convention worth my while. And I was on the ground floor with all of these incidents were happening.

I'm thinking Misha is right Tracy. You're a freaking rockstar/celebrity and we, your friends, are your subminions, lol. XD Since pretty much anything epic happens around you all the time.

Sunday Morning
This was the day we were driving back. Unfortunately we had to stay a little longer because I wanted to get my Misha/Jim photo op picture, which they said would be readily available like around 1:00pm-ish. So I kinda hung out with mah lovely, beautiful friends for a little while as they were singing in the lobby, and said our final goodbyes as they went in to enjoy the J2s panel.

Funny thing though, and my aunt didn't want me to report this because it would be kinda bad, but I don't care. It's awesome either way. We kinda snuck in to see Jared and Jensen.

Only the beginning though, and just to the doors, you know where all the merchandise was being sold and such. It's also where the photo op pictures were to be put out. I was apprehensive because I was like, omg I don't want to get in trouble because we don't have our bracelets on to get passed the doors (and they even asked my aunt and she just was all "oh no, we're just buying", total lie btw), and what if we get thrown out by security? But my aunt, being the cool and favorite aunt she is, didn't care for that. She wanted to see the boys and she got some decent pictures and some video from her camera of them from the doorway. XD XD XD

So yeah. I got to see Jared and Jensen too, y'all. Just a little bit. All thanks to my fearless aunt who defies all rules.

That's the detailed tl;dr version, here's the shorthand version:

++ Richard Speight is a fucking riot, and should really have his own comedy show, for reals.
++ Aldis is just so awesome, and adorable, and even more awesome. GEEK POWER BABY!
++ Cylon Detectors make for great hilarity (next time: use Cylon Detector on Misha Collins)
++ Jim Beaver is a remarkable human being
++ MISHA COLLINS IS NOT REAL, HE CANNOT BE A REAL PERSON! TOO GORGEOUS AND AMAZING AND FUNNY AND JUST, NOT REAL! Seriously, such a gentlemen and a sweetheart and just a perfect creation therefore he could be a Cylon....?
++ tracy is a fucking rockstar. Trufax. And we, her friends, are her groupies.
++ My aunt is a sneaking sneak who sneaks.

Overall, this weekend was like the luckiest bestest first convention experience ever. I would never have imagined this would ever happen to me in like a gazillions years, and with luck like this? Getting to have these four encounters with Misha fucking Collins, among other things? Just, yeah. I don't even know how to handle myself right now. The entire weekend, or rather Saturday, was perfect. Utter perfection. I just, I can't even.

Chicago Con 2009 = Best SPN convention ever, y/y?? ;)
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