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The Mish Mish IS the center of everything awesome, trufax.

++ I'll be sending out cards soon so, if anyone who hasn't given my their address for Christmas cards and would like one, just drop on by the official post. YAY CHRISTMAS IS ALMOST HERE!

++ For anyone who is still bummed about the sparkletext generator stil being down, don't fret, because you can head over to simcatsubame's journal and voila! They have many variations of substitute sparkletexts galore! Unfortunately there's no sparkly peens or ponies, which makes the Mishawives sad, I know. But hopefully someone out there will hear our cries and recreate the sparkling penises and ponies, since life would be incomplete without them. *crosses fingers* (ETA: Well damn, looks like most of the PB there has been exceeded too. Where on earth can we get sparkletext that doesn't exceed in bandwidth, y'all? :/ ETA2: Nevermind, it had been fix'd, happy sparkletext everyone!)

++ Non-spoilery Misha Collins interview, which most have already seen, but we finally get background of the origins of Our Lord and Master's Twitter, which I have to say thank you to the CW publicity team. I'm certain they had no idea it would turn into a venue for Misha's cracked out insanity, which we, his faithful minions, enjoy every second of. ;)

Also, reports from Collectormania? Yeah, Misha is just too precious I think my heart will explode from the cute. For reals. ♥

++ I signed up for dc_fireplace. Oh Lord have mercy, what am I getting myself into.

++ I...have nothing else to report? It's been kinda slow these days, in the midst of getting ready for the holidays and sleeping, and cleaning up the house and sleeping, and majorly just sleeping in this entire weekend has just placed me in this kinda mood. I don't know. I'm excited for Christmas, but I stayed home because of Black Friday madness. I'm also going to be sending my resume out for jobs starting Monday, and then applying elsewhere for second jobs because I needs teh monies! Plus Christmas shopping. So yeah, that's me. How's everyone else been doing?
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