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Walk, walk, fashion baby...

++ MISHA COLLINS POSTED HIMSELF NEKKID! This, ladies and gentlemen, is why Misha is made of lulz and awesome. Now, who has super computer program skills to enhance this motherfucker? ;p

++ I've caught up with the recent episodes of Wizards of Waverly Place, some of which I missed because I was away and because I couldn't find decent downloads. Overall though, I'm torn with how I feel about how this season is going so far.

3.04 "Three Monsters" and 3.05 "Night at the Lazerama"

These are part of a continuing arc which this season setup and, quite frankly, I was enjoying the fact that they brought up more with the wizard training and having Justin take on independent studies and becoming an amateur monster hunter. I was surprised that they took on this mini-arc this season, which is something that rarely happens in Disney shows, particularly in progressing in character development. I'm also glad that they had Alex continuing wanting to study and catch up, and I'm loving her development in that department so much. Even though she's still a slacker she has shown much interest in wanting to one-up her brothers, particularly Justin since they like competing each other another usting so bad, amirite y'all?

Also, Juliet! I really like Juliet, I'm happy that they didn't forget that Justin has a girlfriend and she was incorporated in this mini-arc. Th only the problem is that it's left inconclusive in the end of "Night at the Lazerama" when Juliet sacrifices herself to become a zombie's slave and just leaves us hanging with whether or not they'll continue this arc later on. I'm betting they will. But it seemed very odd and rather dramatic to end an episode.

(This also leads questions to her parents and how are they reacting to their daughter not being around? They have to be wondering and worried, don'tcha think?)

3.06 "Dollhouse"

Someone mentioned that this felt like an episode reject from season one, and I'm afraid I'm inclined to agree. It seemed very random and filler, and although it did have the continuation of Max and Conscious and Alex continuing her determination with becoming a better wizard, it just didn't make sense after the mini-arc stuff which, you'd think Justin would be more concerned over his zombified-controlled vampire girlfriend roaming out there somewhere than his Captain Jim-Bob Sherwood obsession. You know?

After seeing the promo picture with Alex all dressed up and hugging Justin, I thought that it would have more of them, possibly shrunken in the dollhouse together and someone playing "house" with them (which makes for great prompts for fic ideas....PLOT BUNNIES YAY!) But yeah, I don't know. It was just rather, uninteresting. I mean sure, I loved all the Justin/Alex stuff as usual, but there just doesn't seem to be enough lately, which is what's really bugging me.

I also am very confused about having Harper move in with the Russo's and having the explanation of her parents moving only to have her stay with them. Now, I really do like Harper don't get me wrong, but it seems like lately she's just there and this is more of an excuse of explaining away why she's there all the time. I don't know, it just doesn't sit right with me.

This season has been feeling off for some reason. There are things I liked, the mini-arc for example and having some progression with Alex's character which, after the movie, I'm happy they're dealing with her wanting to do more with her studies. But I don't know if it's the writing or what, it just doesn't seem to flow as the previous season did. I think the major issue I'm having is that they aren't treating WOWP like a family-oriented show. Normally each episode had both Teresa and Jerry become incorporated in what is happening, but now it just seems like they're hardly there or in the background, not really doing anything. I miss having them in the Lair and Jerry teaching them wizard lessons, I miss having their talks and having more family time and not just for comedic stuff. Hell, I would prefer them to have more wizard lessons or have another arc pertaining to Wiz Tech along with the independent studies, or going back to their high school again. Somehow I think this season is missing those elements which made WOWP fun and entertaining and an ensemble show, at least to me anyway.

Understand, I realize it's just a Disney show and I shouldn't get all nitpicky because of that, but I can't help it. WOWP is the only Disney Channel show that I truly adore because it's not like the rest, and somehow I'm fearing they are dumbing things down, script-wise and I just don't want that to happen. :/

++ Watched the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show last night, since I love Victoria's Secret (I order stuff from their catalouge all the time) and I love the models and their shows are often gorgeous and their concepts are imaginative and creative. Although I wasn't too into the whole ANTM-ish concept with them picking their next Victoria's Secret Angel (it just didn't really mesh well with the show, tbh), I have this to say: Heidi Klum is absolutely fucking stunning.

The woman just gave birth to her fourth child and look, strutting the runway and still looking fantastic.

Heidi Klum = MILF, Y/Y?

Alessandra looking fierce, work it girl!

Miranda being cute with her forest wings

Izabel Goulart with sexy angel wings

I'm going to seriously try to find a way to access/purchase/make some of those big fluffy/feathered wings because the Victoria's Secret Angel wings are absolutely fucking gorgeous. I'm so envious, it's always been my dream to own a pair of angel wings, and not the flimsy cheap ones, but real almost authentic-looking wings. If I do get some in the near future, I'm soooo going to be wearing them when I attend the next Supernatural convention. Possibly with the plan to be dressed as Number Six, and then get Misha to pose with me with them on. Oh, you bet I'm gonna make this happen someday. Just you wait.

But if that happens, someone better come dressed as my Gaius. Or Castiel. That way it can be my crackalicious OTP come to life! :D
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