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RL: Christmas budgets + saving money.

So I'm out and about, going into stores and shopping for specific gifts for people, when I unconsciously head into the Christmas sections where there are shelves and shelves of decorations, ornaments, and everything and all things Christmas. I can spend like fifteen to twenty minutes, even a half an hour, searching in just that area alone because my mind is going OMG I WANT THIS AND THIS AND THIS, JUST GIMME EVERYTHING ON THESE DAMN SHELVES! EVERYTHING IS SO GLITTERY AND GORGEOUS! ME WANTS IT ALL!

But at the same time, I'm restraining myself because I am on a budget which I created for myself, since my credit card bill is going to be suffering already. I'm also saving up my money for the possibility of going to LA Con next year.

It's just...really hard. I have someting most will refer to as "retail therapy", or basically something like a shopping addiction. It doesn't happen all the time, but whenever I'm out and about buying something of necessity, I have this impulsive urge to just buy something that I see and like, sometimes just for the hell of buying it. But in this economy and with limited jobs out there these days, spending money frivolously would be a huge mistake, and I know this. It's just hard because I keep contemplating, calculating the numbers in my head, going over and over "well, if I buy this now I can get that some other time..." and all of that.

Of course, this is the curse of the holidays and its commercialism. There's so much advertisement of pretty things that I want to get others and for myself, but know I can't afford. It's slightly disheartening.

I don't know, maybe I'm just weird.
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