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++ First of all, this V-Gift Snowflake Cookie sending thing, which is of no charge whatsoever? THE BESTEST THING EVER CREATED! Of course it's only for the holidays thus limited time offer, but dammit it's made so many people happy just to get acknowledged and have that kind of love from their lj-friends. This is why I love this time of the year. Spreading the love all over the place. It's contagious. THANK YOU EVERYONE! SERIOUSLY, SO MUCH LOVE I'M ABOUT TO BURST! ♥

++ SciFi's Alice premiered this evening, the first part, and it is SO FRAKKING GOOD YOU GUISE, OMG. Of course it would be good, it was developed by the people that did Tin Man which was awesome in itself so this was definitely going to be amazing, too. Plus, I really enjoy different takes on these kinds of stories, of the Alice in Wonderland story and recreating an entire universe based around it, just like with what they did with Wizard of Oz for Tin Man. A futuristic alternate universe kind of fairytale, with its own legends and mythology. I love it. I'll have more thoughts once the miniseries is all wrapped up by tomorrow night.

And...I kinda ship Alice/Hatter. Oh come on, you all agree with me, don't lie. The chemistry and UST is scorching, like whoa. And Hatter is quite hot, not gonna lie. *g*

++ Is it pathetic of me of actually waiting for SciFi to air a freaking preview for Stonehenge Apocalypse? Between the awesome Caprica previews, I am not ashamed in saying that I was waiting for them to show at least something. WHEN IS IT COMING OUT?! I WANT AND NEED MY MISHA COLLINS FIX NOW, DAMMIT! IT IS ESSENTIAL THAT MISHA MUST BE ON EVERYTHING ON DEMAND, RIGHT NOW.
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