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I'm here for your entertainment.

Um, I addicted to Adam Lambert.


How did this happen?

I didn't really have much opinion or thought about Lambert before now, to be honest. I don't watch AI and I'm indifferent to the runner-ups/winners of it anyway, the singer who I pay the most attention to is Kelly Clarkson, heh. I've heard things about Adam Lambert, I know he's openly gay and very proud of it, but I never heard him sing, until recently that is. "For Your Entertainment" has been on repeat like crazy, the music video is smoking hot as was his AMA performance (very raunchy, very dirty and he kissed a straight guy on stage which was the straight guy's idea, hell yeah bbs) His vocals remind me of Darren Hayes a bit, and from this song along it makes me wanna buy his album. DAMN YOU LAMBERT FOR GETTING ME INTO YOUR ADDICTIVE AND DELICIOUS POP!

The song has me thinking of a Dean/Castiel/Six/Gaius idea, oh if only I had fanvidding skills.

Also, MY MARY WINCHESTER CHARM BRACELET CAME THE OTHER DAY! \O/ At Chicago Con I wanted to get some merchadise, and my aunt had promised me a belated birthday present. There were plenty of things there, from buttons and keychains to shirts (although the shirt I want is the Misha's Minions t-shirt that I saw some fans wearing at the con), but I wanted the charm bracelet because a) it's a cool bracelet that I admired since the episode showing Mary wearing it aired and b) I'm more of a jewelry girl so, it popped right out to me. It's wicked cool, too. Merry Christmas to me! :D
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