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"Darth Vader kills lieutenants, not Storm Troopers."

This is what happens when I wake up way earlier than anticipated, for reals. Okay, so I'm rewatching the latest episodes of Dollhouse, because they were made of epic awesome and I needed to see that awesome once again. There were some things I took notice to that I didn't before. Some are just minor things, like the kinds of things that only a fan would look out for or something, but it doesn't make it any less awesome. Plus, some theories I've been thinking about since the episodes aired.

++ When Echo tells Victor to say his final goodbyes to Sierra, and he just waves with a cheerful "goodbye". I just found that incredibly cute because it's just that innocent reaction and his total obliviousness of what is about to occur.

++ The Hyperion Hotel. I C WHUT U DID THAR JOSS.

++ When Victor Tony cannot sleep in a normal bed, he goes off to sleep within the shower/bath. Because it's an enclosed, pod-like shape. I thought that, too, as kinda adorable. Some implications can lead to his body reacting and remembering to sleeping in the pods, and also the sense that he feels more closer to "home" by doing so, and by closer to home I also mean that connection to Sierra.

++ Joss Whedon must be a fan of Lady Gaga. In fact, I'm sure he is. ;)))

++ Echo's little smile when she sees Tony/Priya kissing, loved seeing that. Also Priya and Tony sharing their little likes, such as small remembrances of having breakfast together, of liking pancakes and strawberries. And then Tony saying that he wouldn't mind learning all about this all over again. Aww, my shipper heart goes squee. ♥

++ At first I had thought the card Boyd gave Echo was actually a library card, preferably because of the symbols on it (resembling my own library card) and when he gave it to her it was after their discussion about Echo reading books, so it seemed plausible at the time given those connections. Of course the card does say "All Access" which meant all access to secured areas of the Dollhouse and, given the context of everything now, it makes sense that Boyd would give her something in case the storm hit and she would need to do something. So that confirms that.

++ Echo confronting Adelle was awesome, also interesting because when they're standing in front of one another Eliza is quite tiny compared to Olivia. A nice contrast between them, also seeing that Echo really truly wasn't afraid of Adelle was great to see. That whole scene really was fantastic, since it was showing that Echo was more in control than Adelle was at this point. More on her own two feet and not to be meddled with, and I like that.

++ Despite the lower budget this season, they have done remarkably well in keeping things minimal yet manageable with their effects. The dream sequences in "The Attic" were cleverly put together through imagination and little tricks. Honestly, I couldn't even tell they had a smaller budget based on the quality of that particular episode alone. It was just phenomenal in and of itself the way it was, seriously.

++ Going back and watching both episodes, I have made my conclusion that Adelle was starting to plan and map out everything once she had gotten the reality check from Echo and Boyd, and her resolve face when she was taking the shower to sober up, shall we say, was probably where she was devising such plans of action. The question remains though: when she was pulling everyone aside, other than what we saw how exactly did Adelle tell each of them the plan of action? It seemed everyone was in the know of what was going to go down after Echo and the rest came back, and judging from Adelle's way of talking to them it seemed like their were either in the dark before and were informed when we cut away, or elsewhere.

++ I found it interesting that Dominic didn't comment on Echo being more self-aware than he remembered her. You'd think he would at least saying something about that especially since he had tried to kill her (still doesn't make the Echo/Dominic team any less awesome, though).

++ Tony giving his army jacket to Priya = adorableness to the max. It's in the background when Echo is talking with Clyde, but I still think that's so sweet. ♥

++ Echo tells Clyde that the year is "2010, I think, we don't know how long we've been off the air" I find this interesting because this implies not only the sped-up time frame from the three months that passed when Echo was out in the real world, but it also implies that this episode would have aired next year had FOX not gone the route of airing two new episodes each week.

++ I love the repeating patterns in Whedon's work, the things that he constantly recycles throughout his projects. Which is something all creators do in some form or another, but being a fan it's always fun looking at things like that and understand that this is Joss's signature, in a sense.

++ I had realized this before, but the flamingo pin that Ivy wears on her white lab coat is the same flamingo pin Badger wore in Firefly. It's a signature from Shawna Trpcic, the costume designer.

I've been entertaining the idea that the future that we saw in "Epitaph One" could actually be set within the Attic universe.

I mean, thinking about it, it actually would make some sense considering that Clyde has this particular future already existing in his little nightmare and, assuming he doesn't die because if you die while trapped within the Attic as these worst nightmares are looping in your head, these worlds disappear. But this is also a universal kinda thing, the worst nightmare of the human civilization ending via the abuse of technology. But wouldn't it be something of a twisted notion that, say, somehow everyone gets caught by Rossum or such technology is created that they can put anyone in the Attic at any given time, like with the remote wipe/imprint tech, and they're all placed in the Attic to continue to feed Rossum; that continuing cycle and nobody can truly ever leave, everyone is stuck in this nightmarish hell forever.

Yes? No? Highly implausible? What have I been smoking?

I just know that now that the gang have become aware of such a future being foretold, they'll do whatever it takes to prevent it as Clyde told them, which definitely changes the timeline in what we saw in the flashbacks during "Epitaph One", and I'm sure things have already changed now, so maybe it does happen, or maybe it's all in their minds towards the end. I don't know. It's just a thought to ponder on.

Because of this, though not directly in connection to said theory, I've gotten into thinking about an "Epitaph One"/Croatoan-verse crossover, since it's not beyond all possibilities and I kinda want to see Echo and future!Dean kicking some major ass. I mean, hello, she's a fully self-aware doll who has over forty personalities inside her head. I'd say she and future!Dean could do some pretty awesome damage in creating some hell together, amirite?

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