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"All Quidditch matches begin with the traditional Mary Poppins sacrifice."

Okay, I totally need to see Sherlock Holmes like, yesterday already. I'm reading different people's reviews and reactions to it and, while I knew I was going to see it before, I'd most definitely going to be seeing it based off the positive things others are saying.

Things have been quiet lately. Christmas kinda burnt me out, all I wanna do is lounge and not do anything. Heh.

So I've been kinda occupied with going through older entries of F_W, because that place is fun to look for wank of anything anywhere in fandom and the snark is hilarious. I stopped and check out the Battlestar Galactica section where, of course, when it first premiered way back people were ranting calling it a horrible remake, upset and offended about Starbuck having a vagina, the fact that the Cylons weren't robots anymore, how Starbuck growing her hair long and being married makes her less badass than before, etc. I NEVER LOL'D SO HARD IN MY ENTIRE LIFE PPL! I mean I know it's old and people were being defensive because they either grew up with the old!BSG and stuff, but looking back on those wanks now? Hilarious shit. Sometimes wanks can be headache-inducing, but these just made me laugh. I'm kinda surprised there isn't much of the pairings involved that are mentioned, as I'm sure there have been (and probably still are) many shipping wars in the BSG fandom. Mainly the Sam/Kara vs Lee/Kara shippers which, in a sense, makes me think of the Sam/Dean vs Dean/Castiel flaming and making me go CAN'T WE ALL JUST GET ALONG? THREESOMES PPL, THREESOMES! THEY MAKE THE WORLD GO ROUND!

Really now fandom, threesomes are canon in the BSG universe. Lee/Kara/Sam could definitely have been a plausible notion and could have solved all the drama associated with the pairings. Well, add Baltar and Six and Leoben into the mix too, because then it would be a freaking par-tay! *wink*

I've also been watching Rifftrax online. Apparently I've been in the mood for good sarcastic snarkage lately. I never lol'd so hard, particularly when they are riffing at Harry Potter. SO. MUCH. QUOTABLE. SHIT. I nearly fell off my seat laughing (I AM YOUR NEW GAY DUMBLEDORE! XD). However, no matter how amazing and awesome the MST3K guys are with their mocking, they cannot reduce the horrible mess that is Twilight. Like, the mockery is hilarious as always, but the movie, well the story itself, is just so atrocious I was cringing because, seriously? People actually like this? Wow. Just, no. I actually feel sorry for Kristen Stewart and Rpattz, because they will forever be known being involved with this sorry excuse of a franchise.

So clearly, being entertained and amused by snark has been keeping me preoccupied during this hiatus and waiting for he new year. What's not to love about that? *g*
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