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We're gonna party like it's 1999, except not really.

2010. The start of a new year, although technically not the start of a new decade, but whatever. Spent New Years Eve watching the Twilight Zone marathon while drinking sparkling cider and overhearing the big exploding booms of fireworks outside. Honestly, I don't do resolutions every new year because mostly those resolutions end up becoming the same ones over and over, but I did accomplish some amazing goals last year that surprised even me, so here's to hoping I may just accomplish more in 2010.

Fandom has been moving slow due to the hiatus, and while there are some minor wanks it's nothing worth mentioning. Although there have been quite a few interesting things I've come across.

++ SciFi's new miniseries, Riverworld, which stars Tahmoh Penikett, Laura Vandervoort and Alan Cumming. Oh, and Alessandro SURPRISE!GAETA Juliani also appears in this too. I just discovered this trailer and, I know nothing of the book or the original movie they did way back when, apparently it was very bad. But the story itself sound interesting. And hey, it's got Tahmoh bbs, once Dollhouse ends (returning next Friday, three episodes left omg) I'll be more than happy to see him on my screen in the new year.

++ So, apparently I have not been keeping tabs on GAYTIME TV. Finally, daytime television is getting on the hints that us women like teh gay mens. Even though it is very cheesy and corny because of course of the ~*~dramatic soap opera~*~ stuff going on, it's all fluffeh and schmoopy. Though it is ironic considering ABC will allow the male/male love and yet refuse to let Adam Lambert perform, heh. At least this is a step up?

++ I'm becoming a huge Enver Gjokaj fangirl, not just with his extraordinary talent on Dollhouse but just the way he is in real life, and this kinda-few-months-old interview with him and Dichen is just adorable. He also reveals he's a huge BSG fan and fanboys Michael Hogan. ♥ I don't normally do RP shipping but Enver/Dichen are just as adorable in real life as they are on the show itself, just with the countless interviews they have together they have such amazing chemistry. The entire cast even, and it's just so sad that it's be canceled because they've all meshed together so well as a family and now they won't be working together anymore. :(

++ BIG PIMPIN' TIME: therandomact! Basically, all I have to say is Misha started it, and us fans went through with his plans by creating this little organization as we are about to take over the world, one good deed at a time. LET'S GO DO OUR MASTER AND OVERLORD PROUD!

There is a reason why Misha won the Best of Twitter 2009, folks. *nods*
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