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Angels don't need Red Bull, they have wings already.

Well, this year isn't starting off as smoothly as I would have liked. Unfortunately for me, my main computer had gotten this nasty virus all of a sudden, a worm that sneaked through after inadvertently fixing some other minor problems it was having. I had been virus-free on that computer for nearly over a year, and it's just so ironic that at the start of the new year I would get one. Just my luck, eh? Things seemed to be okay now, although I am kinda scared to go back on the Internet for fear of getting that worm again despite having my firewall turned on, heh. There seems to be some other minor difficulties from the fix, and in truth it's gotten me a bit frustrated. That's technology for you, I suppose.

In other news, my mom has been asking me questions about Supernatural.

This amuses me greatly because first of all, she has little interest in the show. She knows it's something I watch and that I love it and listens to me babble on about it from time to time, but it's something where the only things she knows about the show is what I tell/show her via my fannishness. This happens a lot with my different fandoms to, she listens to me ramble on about my fannish interests despite having no clue what they are about, that whole smile and nod and "okay honey" sorta deal. But just recently, after showing her some specific clips (mainly of the Castiel-centric variety, naturally) she started asking questions about it. About him, when he appeared on the show, about the angel mythology, and so on. I try to explain the best I can, simplifying all the current seasons for her, but the thing about her, and some other people in my family, is that something they go for questioning about the logical explanations on the show. She wants to understand the rational parts of the show and how it all connects, and thus whenever I answer a question it makes her have more questions still based off that same question. She tries to make sense of something despite it having that fictional element of "take it as it is".

See, this is what happened when she started getting into Battlestar Galactica. Of course I don't think she'll be getting into Supernatural like she did with BSG because, like I said, not her kind of program. But interestingly she DOES read up on it online, such as the synopsis of the episodes and what has happened, because although she is not interested in the show itself she is interested in why I like it so much. So she researches it.

And this is why I love my mother, ladies and gentlemen. She doesn't have to invest an interest in a particular fandom, she just wants to understand why I like the certain ones that I do. ♥
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