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14 January 2010 @ 06:34 pm
Thursday lulz and some srs bsns.  

If we're going to be brutally honest here, Heroes has been long overdue for cancellation, and while I get some people still do watch/enjoy the show for whatever reason, the amount of ridiculous defensiveness this person has in saying it's "teh best show evah!" is just laughable.

In more serious business, I'm sure everyone's well aware from the massive tragedy that occurred in Haiti, which the more I read and look upon what happened the sadder I become. However, fandom is doing something about this by means of help_haiti, a place to raise money in help for the recovery of the damage the earthquake has caused. Also, those that follow Misha's Minion Stimulus he has a UNICEF fund where you can donate in help for this cause (which so far has raised over $15,000 within two days!)

This just warms my heart. Despite the wanks and unnecessary drama it creates, fandom can really come together and make a difference in times of crisis like this, offering help to those in need and it's this that makes me really love being part of fandom as a whole. *g* We're awesome.
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inkstaind_dream: up closeinkstaind_dream on January 16th, 2010 04:02 am (UTC)
Hello, there *waves*

I become seriously depressed when I think about the situation in Haiti; it is really tragic. I also hate when I look on the news and the news anchors are shoving microphones in people's faces and saying, "Yeah, so you still haven't had any contact with your family in Haiti, huh? How does that feel?" It's like what do you expect them to say? "No, it's acutally quite funny."

Moving on. It is heart warming to know how people are coming together to help. Makes you have some hope for humanity.

And this may sound very random, but I can't wait for Supernatural to come back so you can write posts, and I can get a peak at your thought process :)