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"I will prevail...bitches."

I just renewed my paid account, added an extension where I now have +100 icon space. Thus I have been GOING CRAZY with searching through my files for new icons, and believe me people I am kinda anal when it comes to picking and choosing.


I'm sure most have heard about the Fight The Apocalypse ARG for Supernatural, which is supposed to exclusive for the UK only (I feel pretty neglected by this, why can't we have awesome games like that here?) The fact that it's an online and real life game, to interact like this would be kinda sweet. Of course I have no idea how one would play since I've never participated in something like that before, but in any event I think what really drew me in was the fact we have MARKSHA and MISHA COLLINS actually having little videos to communicate with the players of said game. Giving us ~*~missions~*~ and such. I mean, well, see for yourself (if you haven't already, and if you have, well, still gaze at the pretty!)

What does everyone else think? Marksha gets the super creepy promo, which looks kinda awesome and his voice is like all ominous and shit, whereas poor Misha just gets to stand behind a background and speak words which I'm sure Castiel would be all "really, this is just so corny". But hey, honestly? I don't care because I've been missing his pretty pretty face and his voice, and that he's ~*~LOOKING AND SPEAKING DIRECTLY TO US~*~ giving us missions to accomplish (via the game obviously, but still I would like to think he's giving us all personal missions!). It's kinda like Castiel's version of Misha's Minions in a way. I don't even know what that means, but it's all sorts of awesome either way!

And in other news, yes, it is true. Danneel Harris has broken the fourth wall. It is out there. I am slightly amused if just a tad bit terrifyingly curious as how she knows. DANNEEL TROLLS FANDOM Y'ALL. WHO IS NEXT?

So it really does look like SPN has returned with all of this news, amirite? CHEERS FANDOM!

(Also icon not really relevant, I just wanted to use it. Because I can. ALL ALONG THE FRAKKING WATCHTOWER BITCHES! CYLONS AND ANGELS FTMFW!)
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