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The future of humanity begins with a choice.

Here's another new longer promo for the series, which might be semi-spoilery but still is awesome nonetheless.

Certainly BSG fans are going to automatically scoff, suggesting that the prequel will never live up to its predecessor, that it's not really "scifi" in that traditional sense and so forth. I've read all the comments of the naysayers and quite frankly, they just stubbornly refuse to understand the purpose of the series created. Caprica is not supposed to be in comparison with Battlestar Galactica since they're both completely different with its genre types, however both deal with the same themes within the same universe. It'll still have the religious and political propaganda and the science fiction elements of technological evolution, of choices and consequences and morality, it'll still have all the themes present in the original, just in another format of family drama not set on a spaceship. That's all. Will be as epic as BSG? Probably not, but that doesn't mean one shouldn't immediately dismiss it because it doesn't look or feel anything like the previous.

Give it a chance, even those not familiar with BSG. It may just surprise you.

Caprica premieres tomorrow, Friday on the SciFi Channel. I've already bought the DVD of the pilot last year, but the one that'll air will be the censored version of it.
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