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Just my thoughts.

So, it's been confirmed. Supernatural will be getting a sixth season. I've kinda already stated my opinions before about my feelings about having another season added to the five year plan and such. Again, I know nothing about what's going to be planned here on out, so here's what I'm wishing and praying for:
01. Continue with the Apocalypse mytharc from this season, extending it into the sixth season, since honestly I can't see anything topping the Apocalypse which is a huge factor into what has been built on the entire show, and it's pretty much the Big Bang that Kripke has talked about numerous of times. So more with the mythology, less with the monster of the weeks.

02. Keep Misha Collins as a regular. with plenty more Dean/Castiel sexytiems
That's pretty much it. I'm not entirely picky, but I have to say my interest with Supernatural perked up more once the introduction with the angel mythology and tying everything together with the Apocalypse and the like, the fact they amped it up with the mythology is much more fascinating than normal monster hunting cases. I mean gotta love our boys, but Supernatural is not a procedural kind of show; it's driven by heavy-arc storylines which have been woven throughout the seasons. I would much rather have the show go out with a huge big bang like ending the Apocalypse then going downhill like some shows have done in the past by adding another season just to add another season, you know?

And that's that. I worry because I care, okay people? Supernatural is pretty much my main fandom at the moment and I don't want the story to lose its finesse towards the end simply because they added another season.
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