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Fire bad, tree pretty.

I missed last night's Supernatural because I took a long overdue nap and kinda overslept. I think this is the first time I've accidentally missed an episode that wasn't due to technological failings. Based on what I've read though I didn't really miss much. I think I'm looking forward to the next upcoming episodes than what's been shown lately, but that's just me. I NEEDS MOAR CASTIEL PLZ SHOW KTHX.

Speaking of which, here's Castiel's fourth clue, still with the inability to blink. At first I thought Misha seemed tired in this and was possibly reading off cards they were putting in front of him, but I think it's kinda foreshadowing for the next episode given his first line....

For the passed week I've been rewatching Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and God I've forgotten how much I'd loved this show. I mean, I didn't really forget but it's been quite a while since I'd seen an entire season straight through, that just seeing episodes back to back again has revived that love. Reliving the characters, the stories, the relationships, all of it. I've mainly been rewatching season three, since out of all the seven seasons the third will always remain the best in my opinion. I've been making a few notes about why this is:

01. Buffy Summers. I will admit I had some issues with the character in the latter half of the show, but I still love the courage, the strength and the resilience of Buffy Anne Summers and all what she represented, this season in particular. How she evolved from being the coy little high school girl from the beginning to having all these things happen to her, really growing up between her job as a Slayer and in the real world as being a teenage girl. There was immense empowerment with this character, and still is to this day after all these years. I would prefer young girls to look up to Buffy Summers than to such stupid lame characters that have no development like Bella Swan.

02. Eliza Dushku as Faith. She was my first ultimate girlcrush, and that hasn't gone away. I just love everything about her character, she's so broken and tragic, so much complexity and vulnerability hidden behind the toughness and I especially loved the route of showing the ramifications of certain actions and how Faith dealt with it, how far she was willing to go. The theme of redemption for her was what I loved. In fact, there's a reason why she's my absolute favorite character in the entire series, her development was the best out of all the characters combined. I just adore her. Hence, my username. ♥ FAITH YOU'RE MY GIRL, I LOVE YOU BB!

03. Father-daughter relationship that had been formed between Buffy and Giles, it's always there poignantly featured in the episode "Helpless", my favorite although it is hard to watch. The Mayor and Faith father-daughter relationship was also very sweet, and yes while the Mayor was evil and Faith was heading down the wrong path there's no denying how adorable they were with each other. Faith wanting and needing a father figure in her life, and the Mayor just being so loving and caring towards her like she was his own daughter. I couldn't help but think if things had gone differently that perhaps the Mayor could have adopted her in some way, because he really did care about her. It kinda broke my heart, too.

04. The couples of the season: Buffy/Angel, Willow/OZ, Xander/Cordelia. So much love. No other season has had relationships like these that I could fully agree on.

05. Such groundbreaking episodes this season. Though the show has had plenty of amazing episodes, I felt that "Anne", "Beauty and the Beasts", "Lover's Walk", "The Wish", "Helpless", "Bad Girls", "Consequences", "Earshot" and "Graduation Day" were the best episodes that had amazing and touching messages attached to them. That's something I loved about this show in particular, really. Even though they did have monster-of-the-week episodes here and there, there was always something that connected with the characters and what they were dealing with throughout the season. It always had callbacks and made those little connections and parallels, which is what made the show spectacular.

06. The score soundtrack, I don't know if it's just me but I loved this season's score better than the other seasons. There's just something so ominous and mysterious about it and it matches the mood set for everything.

07. Fight sequences. If there's anything you can always count on with any Joss Whedon show is that there will always be realistic fight sequences. None of the fights look fake or cheesy. Perhaps a few here and there, but overall the fight sequences combined they are well choreographed and done in the sense that there's no cutting where someone punches another and you can tell they hardly punched them. No, it looks real and it looks painful. The cutting and the filming really work amazing in Buffy, particularly the wide-shots of the fighting. That is something I'll always appreciate about any Joss show.

08. "Graduation Day" will forever be the best season finale, right behind in second being the series finale "Chosen". There's just something about gathering up an entire army of people to help battle in the huge finale showdown that always gets me giddy, because I feel like after everything that's how finale's should go out, with a huge bang that gets the adrenaline pumping and it's like you've gone through the battle yourself, too. Just having the entire graduating class teaming up and fighting alongside Buffy was just remarkable, and how they revealed it was just so amazingly well done it was that "HELL YEAH!" moment. Nothing can ever live up to that, even with the series finale with the Potential Slayers getting their full Slayer strength (even though that, too, was awesome and empowering). If anything, this is why I feel that Supernatural should take that route for a big series finale showdown, a sense of completion of the entire story that has been building over the seasons.

Okay, so I'm gushing over the show but it really was my first fandom that I was really into and slightly participated online, and rediscovering that love all over again is just filling me with warm fuzzies. I can't believe it's been so long since I've watched it. So in terms of my top favorite fandoms Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Battlestar Galactica are ranking in at the top slots, mostly because they are both groundbreaking shows that had many elements that broke the molds of television for their particular genres of fantasy/horror and science fiction. Supernatural is following closely right behind, although it's still in production so we'll have to see where it leads. But I love all these shows for different reasons, they are all amazing and epic in their own ways. I tend to like more epic television than not, heh.

DOLLHOUSE FINALE IS TONIGHT! Remember: 8:00pm, not 9 but 8. Also a brand new episode of Caprica directly after. Oh, how I wish we could have Scifi Fridays back again, I missed having my shows back-to-back.
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