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Caprica: "Rebirth" Episode Review + Meta

Caprica 1.02 "Rebirth"

Following the events from the pilot, we have Avatar!Zoe stuck in the Centurion prototype and is trying to deal with being out in the real world trapped inside a metal robot, and has Lacy Rand, Zoe's best friend, secretly helping her. Sister Clarice helps Lacy grieve and gets closer to her by inviting her to her home for Saturday lunch with her family. The Adama family continues to grieve as well, Joseph is haunted by the image of Avatar!Tamara. As Daniel attempts to understand the new prototype, Amanda Graystone learns that she might not have understood or even known her daughter as well as she had thought and ends up opening an entire can of worms amongst the public...

The Many Mysteries of Zoe Graystone

It's no secret that I immediately fell in love with the character of Zoe, both versions of. I love how Alessandra plays both Zoe's, and there's something about Zoe-A that's incredibly interesting because I feel very sympathetic for her situation, the poor thing. And the regular Zoe was quite a mystery, as she was tangled up in something that we're only just unraveling this season. Her involvement with the Soldiers of the One, what she was planning with Zoe-A, everything. This season is going to be opening windows to these secrets as we find out precisely what she and the rest of the STO were planning from the start, and I can't wait to unravel these mysteries.

Now I want to talk about Zoe-A, because I find her the most interesting in this situation.

Perhaps it's the Cylon-lover in me, but I can't help but feel incredibly sympathetic on her behalf. Here she is, taken from the virtual world by Daniel Graystone all because he wanted his daughter to be in the real world, and she's being maltreated by everyone she comes in contact with. She is being treated like thing and not a person, and that really upsets me greatly. I understand that she's stuck inside one of the cybernetic life form node models, but still just going back and forth between seeing the centurion model and then seeing Zoe as herself, it really places things into perspective how the machines would really feel if they were self-aware in a sense. Zoe-A really gives us a chance to look from that other perspective, for the audience to empathize with her, and I really like that. For example with the two TA's, one of them did treat Zoe-A like a person, even mentioned that the actions were very childlike, while the other dismissed any of that nonsense and treated Zoe-A like she was just a piece of metal junk. What does this say about us as human beings? It matters not only how we treat each other but to other forms of life, including robotic lifeforms, treating it with care, not carelessly and maliciously.

It just makes me sad, because Zoe had originally wanted Zoe-A to be out in the real world, but not like this. Not being mistreated in such a way. What an unfortunate way to get her first real world experience by everyone tossing her about, so she gets to see the nasty side of people who don't particularly like robotic forms. This is perhaps the mystery and the beginnings of how the Centurions came to really dislike humanity because of how they treated them, becoming that self-aware, and I'm wondering if Zoe-A is going to be the cause of this rude awakening of the rest of the prototypes.

Though I love her friendship with Lacy, her confiding in her and them sharing this secret. I kept wondering if Zoe-A will eventually make it known of herself being alive inside the centurion, in fact I half-expected her to at least say something to Daniel. But perhaps it's better that she and Lacy share this secret together, because Lacy doesn't have a separate agenda like Daniel does.

I'm thoroughly enjoying the story with her and how she manages to live in the real world, experiencing and discovering things, even if it's not exactly how she imagined it would be. She's trying to function despite being inside a robotic form, wanting to understand and how she can get back into the virtual world. I have a feeling she will judging from the previews, but it's the matter of how that intrigues me. I love watching Zoe-A grow and understand things on her own, it's much like how we saw Echo becoming her own person in Dollhouse; Echo is not like Caroline Farrell and Zoe-A is not like the original Zoe Graystone, at least not entirely. It's fascinating to watch and I can't wait for more. Mostly because I love Zoe and I want to see how she evolves on her own, and what else we discover about her, about both of them.

The Grievances of the Graystones and the Adamas

Seeing the different reactions to the terrorism on the Lev has been interesting, and observing the grieving stages and methods of overcoming such a tragedy due to the loss of loved ones and how if truly affects everyone.

Joseph Adama is still grieving over the loss of his wife and his daughter, which is affecting his relationship with his son, who is taking comfort in spending more time with his uncle than with his own father. Joseph is continually haunted by the image of Avatar!Tamara, that sense of wanting to see her again, knowing that somehow he actually can given the technology that Daniel Graystone created, it's not going well with his connection with his son, and it seems like he's closer to the deceased than to those still alive, which can really fuck someone up. Willy had an excellent line in this episode when Joseph tries to comment about them being a family: "it's hard Dad, when there is no family." It's obvious that Willy is observant and understands what is happening, he acknowledged that his father continues to go to Tamara's old school before realizing that Tamara isn't alive anymore. He's not stupid, but I have a feeling that Willy just wants his father to be a father again and not try to chase ghosts and whatnot. And Joseph is trying, he really is, but it's hard and I think they all know that. Plus nobody other than him knows about his connection with Daniel and Tamara's avatar, that's something Joseph has to carry around with him and it's tearing him apart. Especially now after learning that Tamara is all alone in the virtual space.

We also see similar affects to the Graystone family, only a bit more variation of. We see Daniel going about his every day routines, his previous attempts at trying to make Zoe's avatar appear in the Cylon prototype model he thinks failed him (even though we know it didn't, she still exists in there) and it's after that incident that he's closed himself off from wanting to think about her, which he mentions to his wife. That is his method of grieving, we know he is mourning the loss of Zoe but it's too much for him, it hurts and he has to continue on with his work.

Amanda Graystone has an entirely different coping mechanism. Her mourning is someone who is most distracted, who can't look at anything without being reminded of her daughter, of her life. We see her going through home videos and looking at pictures. She's deep in mourning, looking to the past and just wondering how, how could this have happened and why. She's also given some startling new revelations about her daughter in this episode. She'd been trying to understand the meaning of the bombings, being prodded by investigators suggesting that Zoe was amongst the terrorists on the Lev weren't helping matters either. I also feel that Amanda felt incredibly guilty about not having a great relationship with her own daughter, as the last confrontation they had was a huge fight, and felt that she didn't know her well enough and that's it's too little, too late. Though with the suspicions now revealed that Zoe, indeed, was involved with the Soldiers of the One kind of threw Amanda off. Disappointment? Feeling like a failure as a mother, a parent? Not realizing that her daughter was part of a terrorist organization? Having almost a completely separate life? Yes, all of those.

Which is what led to her hysterics at the memorial service, announcing to the free public of her recent discovery, that her daughter was a terrorist.

Her actions of revealing this information wasn't the smartest move, considering that the Graystone's are highly respectable by the Caprican society and this will place a huge damper on their reputation. But emotions were running incredibly high, being at the memorial and all. And you've got to realize that she's been holding onto all these suspicions and these accusations about her own daughter being part of a terrorist group, with all that guilt and sadness combined, she was just about to have a breakdown at some point. So it's understandable, but certainly an action she'll be regretting because of the backlash it'll have.

This is something that I appreciate about Caprica, the realistic portray of raw human emotions, of how characters relate to one another and how we, as the audience, can relate to those characters and the relationships. Every single actor was simply fantastic, the emotional moments, the last scene in particular with Amanda giving her revealing speech, was phenomenal. If this is what it's going to be like for the rest of the season, we're in for one emotional rollarcoaster, plus some thrilling discoveries.

Memorable Moments of the Episode:


++ Alessandra Torresani is just absolutely fantastic. I'm sorry, but I can't help but just love her. ♥ Her portrayal of Zoe Graystone, both the original and the avatar, is amazing and she makes the character so sympathetic and mysterious at the same time. You just want to hug Avatar!Zoe, wanting to help her, and make you want to learn more about what the original Zoe was all about during her life.

++ "Do I look male to you?" lol oh Zoe, ilu and your little worries. ♥

++ I LOVE how they switch between the Centurion and Zoe through many of the scenes, showing us that yes, Zoe is indeed inside the machine and all the things that people are saying/doing are doing it to her, showing us her experiences of the real world through her perspective, making us sympathize and feel for poor Zoe. I find this really unique and cool and I just lovelovelove it. ♥

++ "The crowd goes frakking wild, sir" LOL SERGE I KINDA LOVE YOU

++ Sister Clarice. I knew that we'd get getting more complexities and different shades of colors with characters, and I was highly intrigued (and still am) by Sister Clarice. How often do you have a monotheistic nun who is part of a group marriage, having both husbands and wives, and is involved with a religious cult? I so want to see the moral dilemmas that emerge from her character, because she's quite fascinating. I want more of her, please, and I am very interested with her intentions with Lacy, possibly converting her to the Soldiers of the One, if she hadn't already been when she was with Ben and Zoe before?

++ Another fascinating character is Sam Adama, yes the gay character which isn't a shocking thing in this culture (as the group marriage thing should tip people off, nobody blinks an eye with such concepts concerning those things). I want more of him too. I the only one who thinks he's quite attractive? *blushes*

Overall: How many times can I say that I simply love Caprica? This show is proving itself to be completely separate from its predecessor while still maintaining true to the universe in which they both are connected to. Surely fans of BSG will find things to nitpick on or whatever, but that's their issue. I'm finding that not only has the pilot gripped me, but the second episode has furthered my attention to the story. I am very interested where everything is heading, with all these inter-family relations, with Zoe-A and the Soldiers of the One, with everything else in between. This is a character-driven family drama, and some might say its not their cup of tea, I say the mysteries are fascinating enough to keep me interested. The entire universe and culture which this is built on will be further explored, and I can't wait to find out more. ♥

This actually has me missing my scifi Fridays even more now, and with Dollhouse now finished the only lineup that's left for me is Supernatural on Thursday and Caprica on Fridays. Those two are practically my main active fandoms at the moment, I look forward to sitting down in front of the television and watching an hour of epic awesomeness. Oh well, Caprica is simply brilliant, in my opinion, and has major potential especially if they're headed in the direction I think they're headed in. It's fantastic. So, if anyone is looking for a new fandom to get started on, I highly recommended Caprica, since it just started.

Also, this opening sequence as I just squealed about in the review, is just dramatically gorgeous, and the brilliance of Bear McCreary's music just shines:

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