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I'm kinda busy, k-kinda busy.

I still have to write up my Dollhouse review, but the series finale kinda broke my brain and stunned me, as every single finale that Whedon has ever conducted always does. I'm still wrapping my brain for coherent things to say about it, but I will say that while it wasn't a masterpiece or even a cult hit, it certainly was very memorable to me and it will always be remembered as the Little Series That Could Have Been Fucking Amazing (had it been treated properly, anyway).

Also, I have to say I really wish people would stop slamming Taylor Swift. Did she deserve winning album of the year? It depends on one's view of it, and in my opinion she has songs that I like, but in terms of groundbreaking and exciting albums there are other artists far more deserving of the title, such as our Mama Monster Gaga, for example, with the excellence of "The Fame" and "The Fame Monster". But the bashing I see everywhere makes me sad, because I actually like Taylor Swift and her music. ;__; Could this have all been because of the Kayne incident? Probably, but there's no need to be all hostile towards her because of this, Jesus Christ.

Oh well, the performances aside, the Grammy's are often like other award shows, very predictable.

On the upside, Lady Gaga + Elton John's opening performance? AMAZING AS HALE OMG! ILU GAGA, NO MATTER WHAT YOU ARE THE WINNER IN ALL OUR HEARTS! ♥
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