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04 February 2010 @ 07:43 am
The Winchesters are in peril...it must be Thursday.  
I've been downloading songs from my childhood years, well, more specifically from my junior high years anyway. I hadn't realized there were songs that I loved that I didn't have in my files, and believe me I have A LOT of music on my hard drive. Like, I've been reliving childhood memories of BACKSTREET BOYS and AALIYAH and TLC and old school MARIAH CAREY, and all of that. Also, isn't it funny how when you hear a song or see a certain music video you can tell exactly what year or era it's from, just by the look or song of it? Weird, huh? Heh. So, I've been on that nostalgic road for the last two days.

The SPACE preview clip for tonight's SPN episode has been posted, and I have some points and thoughts about it


02. I'm slightly worried about the whump!Castiel we'll be seeing, but having Dean fuss over him is worth everything. ♥ I do have two theories based on this though: his powers are diminishing bit by bit every episode we see him in, making him more human, or the fact that he's cut off from Heaven limits abilities that are tied with the Holiest of the Holy of Heaven, you know? Like ganking demons requires holy light, as I'm sure it does with healing others, and I'm betting he can time travel, as we do witness, but it'll take out all the energy inside of him as opposed to if he had Heaven's help. But it seems he'll be up for the badass angel showdown, which leads me to...

03. GOD! Could Julie McNiven have any less of a personality in this? Seriously, one of the things that annoyed me about her is how she lacks any kind of personality or any kind acting ability, there's zero chemistry between her and anyone on the show. She's just mainly there. I don't even know why they had her return. As you can tell, I really dislike the character very much, but it seems like she has her own sketchy agenda perhaps from the start (I always thought she was hiding something, or that could have been the lack of acting, idk) and if the preview worth anything, this means that she's going to die (since threatening a Winchester pretty much sealed her fate indefinitely). And I hope so too, because it seems Kripke is bringing back characters this season to finish them off, and Anna is one character I won't mind being killed off. I won't even shed a tear, in fact, I might rejoice. /soapbox

04. But if anything, I'll tolerate this episode because we'll have Castiel, Sam and Dean going back in time to meet young!Mary and young!John, so that amount of awesome outweighs the cringeworthy stuff with Little Miss Special Snowflake.

05. Also, I heard the title of the episode has been changed? It had been "Back To The Future 2" and now it's something like "The Song Remains The Same"? Can someone confirm this?

Just had to get that out, these are just my opinions and thoughts people alright? I'll have more to say after the episode has aired, of course. Other than that though, I'm excited for the episode, but I think I'm more excited for the next episode, 5.14 than this week's? I don't know, but I think after viewing spoilerish pictures for that one it made me somewhat giddy, lol.

Still working on my Dollhouse finale review, I have lots to say about it and the show overall, and how much I miss it already. I'm kinda sad that tomorrow will be Friday and it's no longer on. :( :( :(
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Renée: LADY CASCAS!rogueslayer452 on February 4th, 2010 04:53 pm (UTC)
LOL OBVIOUSLY DYED, THIS IS TRUE. But it's annoying because it's always so fucking messy, like she doesn't bother cleaning herself. It's distracting. I'm a girl and it's like CLEAN YOURSELF FFS! Hell, Buffy had better hairdos and she ACTUALLY FOUGHT DIRTY. lol

It's totally the MY WEAPON IS BIGGER THAN YOURS! comparison, isn't it? But I have to say, Castiel's is prettier (and shinier, and definitely an upgrade from last season's poker-like swords).

I do like my Castiel in comedic kinda stuff, but it's great to finally get back into the dramatic arc of the season.

I'm thinking he'll be slightly weakened in this one, because of the time travel thing, but I'm glad he won't be for long. I'm just happy that he's back, and he's going to be kicking some ass and smiting some bitches while he's still got his strength. I do wonder how he'll handle returning them all back to their time, though. I NEEDS THIS EPISODE NOW, KTHX SHOW.