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As Misha says, PONY UP! ;D


Okay, this is a big deal because I'm such a My Little Pony whore. We've collected shitloads of MLPs when I was growing up and the fact someone went through all that work and detail to create a custom-made Castiel pony, which is such an inside joke because of Misha joking about eating ponies and that Castiel has a crony of invisible magical ponies around him, is just so amazingly awesome. Even for $270 that's just so fucking glorious.

Hey, if someone can make a Lady Gaga My Little Pony, anything's possible. ;)

And in some relevance, I had a Castiel related dream the other night. A Dean/Castiel related dream, more specifically.

Let's just say it might be in relation to what we saw in the preview for this week's episode, massive boykissing like whoa, and somehow Castiel had fox ears and a fox tail similar to how one would see in animes like Inuyasha or Naruto (which is odd because I don't even watch or like anime! Although I suspect having seen plenty of chibi!SPN artwork that might be an indicator, but idk) So yeah, my dreams can be very random like that, and most of the time I hardly get fandom-related dreams. I'm happy at least my dreams include my OTPs. Hee. ♥

I will say though, I might be mildly disappointed if none of what I dreamt comes true in Thursday's episode. Including Castiel-turning-into-a-fox bit.
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