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So it's been officially confirmed, unsurprisingly of course, that Supernatural is a go for a sixth season. However in a recent semi-spoiler interview there are certain things I'm quite...uncertain about.

I'm feeling rather conflicted at the moment about everything. I think it's a matter that Kripke had originally had a five year plan inside his head and arranged things accordingly to give the show more time to become epic in their storylines and such, and for these last two seasons they've raised the bar quite a bit. But given the news that there would be a sixth season well, somehow I feel like this is partially the pressure of the network due to the rising in ratings since season four, to be honest. And what I'm reading about these plans for season six, about them no longer having the apocalyptic arc? Having more stand-alone humor episodes, reverting to the S1 formula again? I'm just not feeling it, like at all.

Most people who know me knows about my interest the psychological aspects of my fandoms, and it's because of the theological introduction in season four that really brought my attention to the show. I watched and enjoyed it before, but once getting back into the mythological arc I was completely addicted again. Why? Because for me mytharcs are far more compelling as it helps the the characters along with their own journeys. I loved the introduction of the angels into the show. It finally got interesting because really, why have demons and Hell without angels and Heaven? It fits perfectly with the meta and theological aspects the show has had in its mythology already, and so far they've handled everything so beautifully with integrating it into the boy's journey and their destinies. There's been much discussion about it and quite frankly, without that element the show would have been pretty repetitive with its constant "boys fighting demons" scenario, which I feel they're heading right back into that.

I also find it funny that Sera Gamble is all "angels and Heaven was never part of the story" and blah blah blah when, after integrating everything from their journey, it really kinda was when you think about it. I know the show is all about the brothers and whatnot, but it's because of the angel/Heaven arc that got the show recognized and upped in ratings after such a lackluster third season.

Apocalyptic storylines are perhaps the best way of ending an epic story such as the Winchesters, since it's all been told since the beginning of the show anyway. This season is about wrapping everything together in a neat little bow, and I would rather have the series end it with the Apocalypse than go off merrily into a comedic final season. That's like, going backwards instead of forwards like Kripke wanted to show to end on, you know? There is nothing else out there that can honestly top an apocalyptic arc, and I feel that would be the perfect way of ending the show because it's taking everything we've learned throughout the season and ending everything on that very high note that Kripke was wanting. With Sam and Dean's destinies coming together as one, it's the perfect bookend to the Winchester legacy.

Sixth season without that would be, well, pointless and rather filler, don'tcha think? Unless they're bringing in something from this season's arc into the next one, it's just an excuse to have another season.

I'm also worried about what this would mean for the writing because, let's be honest, while the show is awesome it has had its flaws particularly in the writing department. The entirety of season three, for example. Their failure at writing female characters at times, and even characterization can be a hit or miss. Also...


However, I am worried because of the characterization bit because I've seen way too many of my past shows do this to characters I have loved where they just butcher the writing for said character, and SPN has done that to some character storylines for me in the past. So I would rather have them treat him like they've been treating him or not have him around, because I don't want his character to endure because screwed over by the writing.

I just don't know what to think right now. The apocalyptic arc has been the best thing to ever happen to the show, and upon reading that they're going to finish it this season and move onto less stimulating stuff for the sixth season, it's left me with this cold, uncertain feeling because I like having my fandoms having a satisfactory and conclusive explosive way of going out. And so far from what I'm reading, it doesn't feel like they're going to be having that epic out like I thought they would. It's seriously depressing me, and it's depressing me that it's depressing me in such a way that I don't want to be a downer for everyone else. But I love apocalyptic arcs, I love the angels and the Heaven versus Hell storyline and without that, I don't know. Plus, what about Castiel if they're going to have him still be around as a regular? Would be become human? Still an angel watching over Dean and Sam? This is what I'm apathetic about, people. I don't want them to get rid of everything that's been enthralling me for these past two seasons now and going off into what they started with, which at the time we all loved because the show was just starting and we knew nothing else, but once getting into the mysteries of their journeys and what is happening with their family the more captivated we were as it continued to grow and grow and grow into this massive thing that the boys are tied into, and why would you bring us down from this climatic peak? Idk.

I don't want to be harshing anyone's squee, that's not my intention since I do have friends that are happy with this news so I'm happy for them. But I'm worried because I do love this show, it's my favorite show still on the air right now and I want to trust that Kripke and Co. know what they're doing, but I've been letdown by previous fandoms I've loved before and I don't want to be letdown by Supernatural because the way things are going now, it's pretty damn epic and I'd hate for them to lose that streak.

I'm torn with this. Although things might not turn out that bad and I'll look back on this and laugh, but right now I just don't know what to think at the moment with everything.

Also? I'm praying this is an early April Fool's joke. Seriously. D: D: D:
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