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Fandomish Meme

Meme blatantly stolen from missambs: Off the top of your head, right now, what ten 'ships would you likely drop what you're doing to read fic for. Or, alternately, what are the top ten ships that you'll give a fic a chance for, or that you've been dying to write, or that you've been dying to read.... These can be new loves, old flames, or something in between. Explain if you like, but you don't have to. Then tell us 3 things these ships say about you.

Only ten? I'm guessing for all my precious fandoms combined instead of for each on individually. I would do that too, only if I had more time. Also I'm lazy today.

1. Simon/River [Firefly]: I am not ashamed or even embarrassed to admit I am enthralled with this sort of thing. In fact, I blame both V.C. Andrews and Joss Whedon for endorsing my liking of incestuous relationships, particularly between siblings (preferably brother and sister, but rather anything in that department). Ever since the pilot episode, "Serenity", I was drawn to the special relationship the Tam siblings had. River and Simon not only understand each other, but they simply cannot live without each other. I loved Simon's devotion in protecting his sister from any forms of danger and his admiration over her intelligence, and I loved River's trust in him, the love and affection she gives him. It wasn't until "Safe" when I realized how strong their relationship, whether romantically or just sibling-like, was. Also, the deleted scene from "Mrs. Reynolds" was an obvious giveaway that Joss had intended to go into that direction at some point, but hadn't gotten a chance to (or had thrown that idea out the window at some point during editing). So far, in the fanfics that I have read, nobody has gone OOC with either of them, with the exception of an AU fic where River and Simon trade places, and Simon was the one the Blue Hand group captured and River was the Medical genius. Otherwise, nothing else seems to spoil the Crazy Space Incest for me.

2. Faith/Gwen [AtS]: This is the newest pairing for me, courtesy and at the fault of missambs. Both are powerful and incredibly sexy and "above the law" -- and despite their reputations, they are both likeable. Plus, I'm a Faith lover and Gwen also captured my eye as another dark and powerful chick on the show. Both are electrifying women (no pun intended), and pairing them off would be interesting. I've been itching to write something surrounding those two, because I believe they can do wonders together.

3. Luna/Hermione [Harry Potter]: I see both Luna and Hermione as shadows of each others personalities. Luna's more eccentric and optimistic in her opinions, while Hermione is more skeptical and opinionated in hers. Both are strong either way. Don't ask me how this pairing came into my hands, it just was and is. Basically, after reading OotP it had developed by their strong feministic views, I guess if that's how I would put it. Still, I kinda see them as admiring each other from afar because of their strengths and intelligence, and thus the pairing became to be. Logically in my mind it makes sense, and I see them as sort of the Inara/Kaylee -- only less of the feminism and more into activism I guess. So, yeah. That probably made no sense whatsoever. But Luna/Hermione fits perfectly in my mind. Both females are caring, compassionate and understanding on that same level, which is what makes them so shippable in my eyes. I have yet to see a sensable fic based around this pairing. But hopefully soon, hopefully soon.

4. Minako/Rei [PGSM]: Their relationship was more intimate in the Live Action series than the anime or manga combined. Rei was the first to find out that Minako was Sailor V (and Sailor Venus), the first to find out about Minako's disease, and the first to find out about her traumatizing death (besides Artemis, of course). They had sort of a love/hate companionship in between, and it was Rei that had given Minako another chance at life and at finding herself. It was a development that grew into something stronger than just physical attraction. Rei and Minako had that same feeling about friendships: never form one. Rei had that in the very beginning when she didn't want to become a Sailor Senshi, and slowly regained trust in Usagi and the others; it was Rei that had convinced Minako to just be herself and not worry about the past life. The characters and the actresses playing Minako and Rei have great chemisty, which shows onscreen as well as off. There is some fanfic out there, but I am in the midst of writing one myself. Almost finished with the prologue and first chapter (and might post it up soon).

5. Harry/Draco [Harry Potter]: The very first OTP I had discovered in the Harry Potter fandom, and it will always stay my OTP (coming in second is Harry/Hermione, of course). keykook16 and taradiane had sucked me into it way back when, and it remains on top ever since.

6. Inara/Kaylee [Firefly]: The Companion and the Mechanic, they definitely mesh together like ice cream and chocolate cake. I was infactuated with Inara's stunning beauty and compassionate charm, also her wardrobe is beyond gorgeous, and after seeing several scenes with her and Kaylee -- there was no doubt that they were madly in love with each other behind closed doors. Feminism flows through Kaylee, even though she's a mechanic and likes to get down and dirty (as seen in "Shindig"), and it's Inara's lifestyle that really attracts the feminism. The training of becoming a Companion and all, they are just so cute together. Aside from Mal/Inara, Inara/Kaylee are definitely a pairing that I would absolutely read at a drop of a hat. I have read several in the past, but nothing else has caught my eye....yet, anyway.

7. Faith/Buffy [BtvS]: Yet another femslash pairing that involves two powerful chicks of the Buffyverse. Faith, being my number one girl, was the first character that I was ultimately attracted to and fell in love with. Dark, seductive, cunning and manipulative, Faith was the most interesting secondary character amongst the Scoobies goody-goodiness. I read somewhere that Joss had wanted Faith to hang herself after "Consequences", but with the strong fanbase loving the newest dark character, he decided against it. I'm glad too, because Buffy and Faith are both one in the same, except Faith had no one and Buffy had a family and friends. Complete opposites and sharing the same Calling at Destiny....oh, the possibilities. Of course, Eliza Dushku had to push the lesbianisms upon her character while on the show, thus ensuing the close relationship between the two Slayers. Tons and tons of fanfic came pouring in, to which I read constantly and am turned on by their sexiness and Faith raunchiness. Some are OOC and post-Chosen, but very well-done. It also doesn't help that fact that I crush over Faith/Eliza and have been since she appeared on the show....

8. Narcissa/Draco [Harry Potter]: Malfoycest is best, didn't you know? This is a very rare yet fascinating pairing since I had realized the bloodlines of pureblood wizarding families. They're inbred from at least two generations apart, and even if some interbreed relatives are still involved somehow. Anyway, this obsession was discovered after the lack of incest (other that Weasleycest) of the Potterverse. Searching for something interesting, I stumbled across a Narcissa/Draco fic by pure accident -- and immediately I was addicted. Unfortunately, this pairing has fewer followers than I would've anticipated. I want more ficcies! The darkness of the Malfoys have gone towards FitA in Foxworth Hall, or at least that's how the Malfoy's live in my world.

9. Willow/Amy [BtvS]: I couldn't help but pair them together after their private encounters during season six. Of course, Amy was being a bad little witch for getting Willow addicted to the heavier and darker magic, and I was saddened about Willow and Tara's separation, but I found Willow and Amy's rekindling friendship turn into a secretive addiction. Plus, Rack? Intimidating Magick Drug Dealer. Anyway, their friendship goes way back since the first season, and since Willow was feeling rather outcasted again, she needed another magic-casting buddy. I guess I looked further into her intentions to find another person to practice her "magics" on.

10. Zoicite/Minako [PGSM]: One of my newer pairings, which was totally by accident. But after watching The Phantom of the Opera and having that song stuck in my head, the inspiration of Zoicite/Minako popped into my head. Then plot bunnies ensued, and I am in the middle of writing a story based around pre-Senshi days when Minako had first become Sailor V and discovering her destiny and the past life. Zoicite has the manipulative power by getting into your mind (his piano mastermind works every time, mostly). I guess you could say I found this quite intriguing, and that's where my 'Ship was born. Unbelievable pairing, no?

Three Things These Pairings Say About Me

1. Femslash and incest are apparently my obsessions, to which I have no shame whatsoever.

2. I have no problem shipping characters that aren't canonically romantically involved, or even remotely acquainted with each other on the same level. And that's how it should be, because sometimes canon pairings irk the hell out of me, especially the most popular ones. Because there would be no experimenting with other characters and finding that one pairing that suits you rather than suiting ten-thousands of other fandomers!

3. This wasn't mentioned in the lists, but I love crossover femslash as well. Inara/Faith, Rei/River, Kaylee/Willow....there's many possibilities, if done correctly with timelines. Also, according to my personal preferences, I'm a hopeless romantic that likes characters with screwed up pasts, but can work it out together. With the right chemistry, mixed with drama and angst, everything just falls together perfectly.

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