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It's all about control and power.

New interview with Jane Espenson, explaining the backstory about Sam Adama's tattoos in Caprica. See, this is precisely why I love her and, well, everything that's involved with this show right now. The massive amounts of detail, even if they're not directly mentioned in the the show itself, and the thorough explanations about these characters and how elaborate this culture/universe is, really shows that they are dedicated and thought all of this through. Just the meanings of the tattoos themselves say a lot about the character in question, and it makes me incredibly excited for what's to come for this show as the season continues.

And for those wondering who Sam Adama is, here's a small clippet of him and his husband from the third episode of Caprica. Kinda spoilery in the end with him and Joseph, but it makes for great drama in case you want to see it.

Speaking of, new episode tonight! \O/ I had thought it would be a while since most shows are on hiatus due to the Olympics, but it seems there is a new episode after all. Wheee.
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