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++ I must be the only one that's not interested with the Olympics this year. I'm just not feeling it for some reason. :/

++ My sister surprised me today with giving me the recent Supernatural novelization, Heart of the Dragon by Keith R.A. DeCandido. Apparently it is incredibly recent timeline-wise, as it takes places after the episode "Changing Channels" and thus has Castiel involved. Which obviously makes me even more compelled to read it. There is only one problem I've encountered while skimming through it though: they spell Castiel's name wrong!

Okay, not his full name but his shorthanded nickname, it's written "Cass" instead of "Cas". I know it's a trivial thing, but honestly I cannot take anything seriously that has his name spelled like that. There was a discussion about this over on spn_castiel some while ago, actually. Every time it's shorthanded like that I think about a girl's name like Cassie or Cassandra, or a casserole, not some badass motherfucking angel of the Lord. So for me, "Cass" is like feminizing his name and whenever you think about Castiel you certainly don't think about him being a girl. Not in the slightest. I don't know, it's a small thing to get worked up on and it seems like in the show's notes it might be spelled like that or whatever, but to me it's just...not right. It's completely wrong. It's either Castiel or Cas, get it right ppl!

I don't know if I can bypass it with the novel or not, we'll see.

++ My neighbors are being really fucktards lately. One has a roommate living with them who doesn't understand the term of private property, since he used our watering system for his use or whatever. Without notifying us or apologizing, the owner of the house had to do that for him after the fact (apparently this roommate does drugs, which is even more fun to deal with). The other has been avoiding paying for his half from when we had the fence repair separating our backyards. Even after trying to contact him several times. Both neighbors are men too, go figure.
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