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"Take all that away, and what's left?"... "Me."

I just marathoned the entire second season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and I would be lying if I said I didn't start bawling like a baby towards the end. It is in my opinion a great tragic love story and perhaps the best of the entire series. There's something about the writing that draws you in, the reality of situations between characters and what they're going through, which is precisely why I love this show. It's always been about life lessons, growing up with the characters, understanding where they come from as they work things out in their lives and developing because of it. Season two had that perfect blend of comedy and with the darkness, the emotional points that left you curled up in a ball feeling for the characters and rooting for our heroine as she discovers her true strength within herself.

This got me to thinking though, what if Supernatural kinda ends like this? What if we see a similar situation happen between Sam and Dean like what we saw between the Buffy versus Angelus storyline? Say, we have a scenario where Sam says yes to Lucifer, we'd then would have to see Dean trying to deal with finding alternative ways of defeating Lucifer without harming his brother and without giving his consent to the angels, about understanding his destiny and where to go from there and so forth. Or an inevitable situation where one of the brothers has to die no matter what happens. Just an apocalyptic showdown between brothers, this has been something I've thought about even before the announcement of another season, because I feel like it would be a perfect way of ending the show.

But then again, I tend to think of my fandoms on an epic scale, particularly those with heavy mythologies and strong character arcs, which is why I gave my concern over the sixth season.

Needless to say, rewatching Buffy has given me a new perspective and has lessened my worries somewhat about a SPN sixth season, in which they can have some comedic stand-alone episodes just as long as they don't lose track on character stories and giving us a resolution towards everything we've learned over the course of the entire series and give us a frakking epic ending to it all.
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