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Caprica: "There Is Another Sky" Episode Review + Meta

Caprica 1.05 "There Is Another Sky"

Stuck in the virtual world and unaware that she is pure avatar, Tamara tries to find a way back home and finds herself falling with a group a people who are playing a dangerous virtual game called New Cap City; this game has no law, and the only rules and objectives are to find out what those rules and objectives of the game, and if one dies in this game they can never return. This group of individuals uses Tamara's inability to deres back into the real world for their own purposes. In the midst of this Tamara makes a new acquaintance and finally discovers the truth about herself.

Meanwhile back in the real worlds, Daniel makes a startling announcement which will precede the beginning of humanity's end soon enough, while Joseph Adama's attempts with bonding with Willy fail as he understands how he needs to place peace with the deaths of his wife and daughter.

Tamara Adama: Can you truly be free if you're not real?

Besides the Zoe/Lacy involvement with the virtual world, as well as the virtual world itself, with this episode I've become more emotionally involved with Tamara's story as she's trying desperately to find a way home, except she can't. The more she discovers or understands what she's able to do in the virtual world that real life users cannot, such as being able to be shot without actually disappearing back into reality and somehow manipulating other pure coded virtual beings, the more she comes to the startling realization about what she is. At least, to an extent. We don't actually know how much she understands about being a pure avatar and what that might entail, and this could lead to some interesting places and discoveries along the way.

The thing is, you feel for Tamara because although you know she's just an avatar she feels and believes everything she's experiencing is real, she's absolutely terrified in the beginning. She's lost and she's scared and just wants to come home, and you feel horrible for her because you understand precisely why she can't, and it leads to questioning what's going to happen as she learns the truth. At the end of the episode we see that happening, and then we see her in complete resolve and when she walks away in the ending scene, alone in the deserted, dark and dank New Cap City game, and if you noticed completely and very Cylon-like.

But the question does remain, what will happen now that Tamara is aware that she's different? Becoming self-aware about herself, what will she be capable of? How far will she go, or will she try to find a way to get back into the real world somehow? Also the biggest question of all, what if the Soldiers of the One see her and instead of going after the Zoe Graystone avatar, they use her instead; what if Tamara will be used for their purposes, whatever those purposes may be? Also, what will happen if Tamara meets up with Zoe again at some point? Will they team up together or be against one another? And one wonders what would might actually happen if Joseph does finally meet up with Tamara. It really adds layers to the "what if" scenarios into this whole story, since the ending really left us wondering what this all could mean and how it'll fit with what's been happening in the show so far, particularly with the avatars and the fact that Zoe and Tamara are the only two pure avatars in existence (that we know of).

There are so many possibilities of where this is going to be heading, and I am excited to find out.

The Evolution of the Cylons: The Beginning of the End of Humanity, It All Begins With A Choice

I think the best way to define this entire reveal that Daniel Graystone laid out in this episode is this: HOLY MOTHERFRAKKING HELL WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE!

Okay, an exaggeration perhaps but for those that aren't familiar with Battlestar Galactica what Daniel Graystone proposed to the board members is precisely how the end of civilization starts, this is the beginning of all the problems that start the first Cylon war and it's what stirs up the events which end civilization of the Twelve Colonies of humanity. It's in the way Daniel presented his presentation, entering with his Centurion Cylon model which mimics certain scenes with the beginning scene of the BSG miniseries with Six entering with two Centurions, or even later with Natalie and the Centurions with her own proposition with the other Cylon models, and using a speech to convince the board of administrators that he is making an advancement of their technology and going to be using these Cylon robots to do things for human society, to "do whatever we tell them to do" is what he says. This is the main problem in which starts the Cylon rebellion in the first place; being treated like slaves, especially since the Centurion he has is the one his daughter's avatar is already in, and she has to take orders from him as though she doesn't have a mind of her own which is going back completely what he said in the beginning of his presentation about seeming that there is someone living inside of there.

In the beginning of course Zoe seemed incredibly proud to be working beside her father, which is to say that she's excited to be doing something else instead of staying inside the house. But the tables turned when he commands her to rip off her own arm -- the look she gives him, it's between "what the frak are you kidding me with this shit?" and "hell no I am not going to do that." Imagine all Cylons thinking in this manner, and yet having no other choice to do those things because that's how they were programmed to do.

We all know this is where this is heading, and it's that moment of realization that you're staring and gaping at the screen because of the knowledge of what is going to happen with this idea going into production. It was exciting and fascinating to watch because this is the moment where everything changes, and yet it's devastating at the same time because this is how the end begins for everyone. Now we're going to see how it all plays out, and if Zoe or possibly even Tamara are going to be the virtual/Centurion models to be first in deciding they've had enough of being treated this way and wake the rest of whatever model in production up and fight back. Because you know this is exactly where it's heading, and it'll be tragic, but awesome at the same time.

Forgive me if I'm babbling away in an almost incoherent fangirlish manner, but that enter scene was so amazing and it's that "ah ha!" moment where you understand precisely where they're going with it. It starts with that one meeting, that one moment where Daniel Graystone is saving his corporation and from being kicked out and losing everything, which can be seen as endearing but with the knowledge of where this decision will lead has you terrified of what is going to happen next. And it's just so intriguing, and this is precisely why I love this show and how it really does extend the universe that we've known in BSG.

Like the show's tagline says, the future of humanity does begin with a choice, and it'll be one hell of a frakking ride let me tell you.

Memorable Moments of the Episode:

++ The entirety of Tamara's story was heartbreaking, because although you understood that she can never get out of the virtual world you wanted her to find a way back home, you were rooting for her to escape. But of course she doesn't, though still the whole reveal and with her befriending someone there, someone who does help her somewhat in the real world at her request, was interesting to see. Now all we got to do is see what happens, if Tamara is just going to wander about New Cap City or if she's going to be playing the game, or what have you.

++ I have to say, I love the extension of the virtual world and seeing just how much can be created and recreated there. Having virtual games that are extremely complicated and there are no limits, no laws, just play and survive or else you don't return. It seems incredibly scary if you aren't familiar with the atmosphere of the game in which you're playing, and we're seeing through Tamara's perspective because it's just as frightening with just entering and not knowing or understanding the rules or what is happening, etc. But at the same time, it is super cool, especially with the bank vault and the coins just floating up in the air in a very video game style.

++ Also, I have to mention the combining of the old fashioned with the new; a virtual world recreation of Caprica in a 1930s/1940s classic style with techno music. Awesome, and gorgeous too.

++ I loved the Adama storyline in this episode, as well. Mostly because the drama is very real between them all, Joseph trying to mend things with Willy, understanding that he needs to be there for his son instead of wallowing in the past, that Willy is growing up and becoming more interested with his Tauron heritage, the fact that Sam and his husband are willing to help him understand what needs to be done in order to resolve the tension and disorder between father and son. In the end, which is on the contrary to what is happening in the virtual world, we see Joseph and Willy being part of a traditional Tauron memorial ceremony and him giving peace to his late wife and daughter. Only to have that peace taken away once being told that Tamara still exists in the virtual world. But the point here, which wakes Joseph up, is that he has to put things to rest so he can move on, even if that moving on part was slightly interrupted.

++ We're also seeing Willy growing defiant and becoming more interested in the Tauron ways while his father is still living in the past. The fact that not only is Sam teaching him these behaviors and ways but also his grandmother, from the previous episode, it says that this is more for Willy's survival which he will need in the future.

++ I loved Amanda's talk with Daniel the night before heading off the make his presentation. He was at loss, and her words of encouragement was incredibly sweet. Even though his decision will have major repercussions that they cannot foresee, it was a lovely moment between them.

++ I'm kind of loving these obviously doomed relationships between Zoe and her cute boy and Tamara and her cute boy, neither understand their true nature, not entirely anyway, but there's a sort of chemistry and bonding between them in different kind of ways. I want to see how they will progress with this and whether the discovery of their true natures will change their minds.

Overall: The more this show goes on, the more amazing it becomes. The combination of writing and making sense with the timeline of things, especially when you know what is to come for the future of humanity, the relationship and journey of its characters and the universe and culture in which they are based on. I'm loving the extensive research and proper care with bringing forth certain traditional senses to different cultures, the Tauron memorial service for example. The familial difficulties and real life issues that occur, along with the science fiction element of virtual games and the purity of an avatar only trying to find her way back home. There are so many fascinating aspects to this show that, the more we're learning the more we understand where things could lead, especially since we already know of the outcome of these choices and decisions. It's a matter of how they get there that's the fun part, and I am enjoying every second of it. Moar, plz. ♥


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