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Activism: Save Point Pleasant

Save Point Pleasant

Because I am sick and tired of FOX destroying perfectly interesting and intriguing series just because it doesn't follow the hormonal-teenage-dramas or the crappy reality shows that have obviously plaqued our televisions. Firefly, Wonderfalls, Tru Calling (which, ironically, they're airing the six episodes even though it's already cancelled), Boston Public, Dark Angel, Greg the Bunny....these are just some of the shows that FOX had mercilessly axed without a second thought, despite the massive amount of fans following those series. These were shows that had potential, that had a chance but was poorly promoted. Don't let Point Pleasant fall into that same fate.

Marti Noxon might've not been a favorite on the BtvS set by many fans, however, despite her reputation, Point Pleasant was a series that could've and would've gone farther than people realize. Clearly the dialogue needed some work, but the selected actors are terrific and the storyline is phenomenal. It deals with something so controversial yet fascinating, that even if you're not a fan of the series you would be drawn to the mythology and the plots immediately. It was almost like a supernatural soap opera of sorts, but nothing like Passions.

Even if you haven't seen the series I would advise you to sign the petitions and support the series. Others will diss the series and say that Tru calling was better even though they despised it, but believe me when I say it would've gotten better if it was given the chance to.

Still skeptical and pessimistic? Check out the theme song of Point Pleasant, composed by Danny Elfman:

Point Pleasant Theme Song

Other goodies (and pimping):

- Save Point Pleasant Online Store
- Elisabeth Harnois Site of the actress who plays Christina Nickson, the main character who is the daughter of the Devil; an extremely beautiful and talented actress
- Reaching Point Pleasant is an unoffical fansite of the series
- Save Me // Christina Nickson & Jesse Palmer fansite
- Elisabeath Online: another Elisabeth fansite
- Point Pleasant Fansite is another site regarding information, multimedia, and pictures
- Point yet another fansite, which also provides episode information, pictures and the like. Very informative and useful.

I am advocating this series because I got attached to it even though I knew I was to be disappointed, since this is FOX we're talking about. Just because the screenwriter didn't do a great job with the dialogue doesn't mean that it wasn't addicting. Sure, I may like amatuer newish television series, but out of all the trashiness that's on nowadays its a wonder people actually still have good judgement on what's good and what's not.

Being the faithful fan that I am, I'm writing a letter to FOX to either pursuade them to return Point Pleasant or to release the unaired episodes on DVD. Because this, the premiering of shows and then killing them off without a proper finale or conclusion, is getting ridiculous.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it.
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