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Caprica: "Know Thy Enemy" Episode Review + Meta

Caprica 1.06 "Know Thy Enemy"

Tensions run high as it turns out Vergis, one of Daniel Graystone's adversaries, has found out what happened to his men and plans to rival his opponent by making his life a living hell; his first obligation? Trying to buy off the Caprican Buccaneers. Daniel refuses this, but Verges makes himself clear what he means to do and how he intends to do it. Sister Clarice visits Amanda in attempts to secretly copy the coding that was used for Zoe's avatar, meanwhile Lacy visits Barnabas, one of the people supposedly in charge of the Soldiers of the One, in attempts to see Zoe's plan of getting to Gemenon through, although it doesn't go well as Barnabas has some morally gray things up his sleeve, as well. During this Joseph tries to entire the virtual world to find Tamara, and Zoe makes another step in meeting Phil without the robot body standing in their way.

This episode presents more complex and complicated situations for these characters, the heated conversations and drama between rivals, the intentions being made clear, where their paths might eventually lead. It's all about knowing ones enemy and where to go from there.

Daniel Graystone versus Vergis: The Destructive Path Between Enemies

Caprica manages to make dramatic scenes incredibly intense, the tension between characters even if there isn't any fighting or shouting matches going on puts you at the edge of your seat because you honestly don't know what is going to happen next. The rivalry between Daniel and Vergis was very interesting to see play out because there's obvious tension but it's in this very businesslike manner, it's almost scary.

The beginning scene of this episode presents to us what happened during the pilot, or the aftermath of, and the rest is where we're seeing exactly how Daniel's plan of getting the MCP is about to bite him in the ass. Vergis knows that Daniel had something to do with killing his men and stealing his project, but intends to make him suffer for it by proposing to take away everything he loves, starting with his love for Pyramid by buying off the C-Bucs. When he says "eventually I will destroy your company, but before you have so many precious things", he makes it abundantly clear that he cannot bring this to absolute justice using the court so he's willing to do the alternative, in such a manipulative and cunning manner because hey, that's what businessmen do right? Daniel Graystone cannot say anything, especially in the midst of the MagLev tragedy and what his family has been accused of already, as it would make him look even more bad and it would open up a whole new can of worms. So the last scene with Daniel standing alone in the living room, you can almost see him just mentally taking everything in about what he's gotten himself into. Also given the fact that Daniel had asked Joseph Adama to get the Ha'La'Tha to intervene with this, Tauron attacking another Tauron, this is going to be one hell of a turnout.

This whole confrontation between Daniel and Vergis was interesting to me because it seemed so scarily realistic because that is precisely what would happen between two corporations that are trying to one-up each other in their businesses or with personal grudges, and the consequences of these decisions and actions. This is going to be quite a ride seeing how all of this is going to pan out between them, and if Daniel is going to continue digging more holes for himself or realize that he's already dug a pretty deep grave and it's all coming back to bury him.

The Mystery of Sister Clarice, Barnabas and the Soldiers of the One

I am very intrigued with the mysteries surrounding what the STO's intentions are, at least in certain sections of since not all members of Soldiers of the One are following one particular person and it seems not all are aware of others who are part of the monotheistic following. Even so, the little information we have regarding either leaves me in fascination. I've been curious about what intentions Clarice has and, from this episode, what the rest of the Soldiers have and what role the newly introduced character, Barnabas, wants from all this.

Obviously it has been revealed through interviews and the like that Barnabas in a terrorist who is just trying to do what he believes is what God would have wanted, though this would seem like the radical and extremist viewpoints of those who are part of religious organizations. Thus, he lives up to what the general public amongst the twelve worlds think about having a monotheistic faith and belonging to Soldiers of the One. In contrast, we're to assume that Sister Clarice and those she's working with are wanting something different, something less violent. But are her intentions any better? From this episode we're given more information what she and others like her are wanting to do with the coding for Zoe's avatar and what could have been an important step that Zoe Graystone had created such a gift.

Sister Clarice believes in apotheosis, she believes that with this coding they can achieve immortality, or eternal life beyond death in a divine way which is the next step towards being closer to God. From my understanding in this episode as she's giving her private confession, she believes people like Barnabas are not for God's true plan for humanity and just is for the destruction in every way possible, and believes that she has a mission to bring forth the next step of human evolution to reach the divine heights of God Himself. To allow their consciousness to transcend beyond death and into eternal life. That, too, can be seen as radical in terms of belief and by taking something to the next level.

Both Barnabas and Clarice and incredibly complex characters, like most of the characters on Caprica of course, that we don't know exactly what they have in mind and what they plan on doing with whatever information they receive, which makes them fascinating to watch.

Apotheosis: The Beginnings of Cylon Resurrection?

Sister Clarice gave us some interesting tidbits from this episode that got me thinking, particularly with her ideals for what she plans on doing with Zoe Graystone's created avatar and what this could mean. This can be seen as the first step towards the Cylon resurrection creation, at least the attempts made by the humans of the Colonies, although there are flaws with this plan.

The real life Zoe Graystone and the Zoe avatar are two completely different beings. Zoe Graystone didn't transfer her consciousness into Zoe-A because, like what was said in the pilot episode, there is no possible way of downloading a personality except for giving specific information about someone thus recreating them, but not actually having one's own consciousness transferring from their own physical body to something else like an avatar or a humanoid robot. It's not impossible, given what we see and know from BSG and their resurrection technology, however there's a major difference between the Cylons and humans when transferring data. Zoe's avatar is pure information, it can be copied from one thing to another, which is how Daniel was able to copy her code and put into the Centurion body. She can be downloaded from one body to another, when made possible. An actual real life person cannot, because when you upload that information you are making a replica of yourself, but it's not really truly you. Unless, of course, this is something the Soldiers of the One were wanting to further into; first was Zoe actually making it possible, the next step was to make it possible for someone's own consciousness to transfer elsewhere.

What's interesting is that this all makes sense, despite it not really working well. We've had other things exploring this matter, from Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles to the Dollhouse technology of wiping personalities and uploading new, created ones into someone. Can it be possible, given the correct technological enhancements? The avatar creation in Caprica is just a one step shy from making it all possible, though given the timeline from BSG it seems something goes wrong as this doesn't result into what they have planned. However that happens, the outcome is going to be a catastrophe, as we all know.

It's just really intriguing, as someone who has watched Battlestar Galactica, knowing precisely where all of this is going to lead to and the information we're getting now, from the timeline and what the ending result is going to be and everything, it's made me very excited to see how this is all going to play out.

Theories: Zoe and Philomon's Friendship/Relationship

Although just starting, I find their little playful relationship so very cute. Phil is just an adorable geek and Zoe definitely likes him because, while being stuck in the robot body unbeknownst to him of course, he has treated her with respect. Her attempting to meet him in V-World as not Zoe, but in another persona as Rachel, is just too fucking adorable because it's obvious she likes him but she can't do anything about it inside the robot body without freaking him out or revealing that she is the Zoe Graystone avatar, thus freaking him out more. So I like this way of getting to communicate with him more.

But I also have gathered some theories from what this could mean between them.

Upon their first face-to-face meeting in the virtual world, Phil says to her in confidence that, in spite what everyone else thinks, he believes the real life Zoe Graystone had principles. This could be a turning point where, when upon gaining more trust from him, she could actually use Phil in helping her get herself to Gemenon once realizing that her best friend Lacy was unable to get what was needed through the STO's contacts. Like, for example, Phil only knows her as Rachel here and if he wants to meet her in the real world Zoe could say that she (Rachel) lives on Gemenon and he would have to go there to meet her, or convince him to take the robot body to Gemenon for her. I don't know how that could work exactly, but that's one theory I have. Of course, she could have Phil and Lacy work together to get her to Gemenon, as well, if say somewhere down the line it is revealed of her true identity and everything.

There's so many possibilities with this because Phil isn't just some potential love interest for Zoe, but also a potential ally in her special and personal cause. I would love to see a Zoe/Phil/Lacy team going on here, wherein Tamara is their adversary of sorts. That would be awesome to see.

Memorable Moments from the Episode:


My excitement for having him on Caprica knows no bounds. The fact that he's playing this incredibly morally complex and somewhat scary monotheistic terrorist is just chilling yet awesome. He really knows how to play up these kinds of roles, he's just so perfect for it. That first scene we see of him wrapping the barbed wire around his arm, bleeding? My God, I love that. HE ROCKS SO HARD OMG, I WANTS MOAR PLZ KTHX.

++ The opening scene of Tauron City, we actually got a glimpse of Tauron! It's been said we'll be seeing more of the twelve worlds besides Caprica, so this makes me excited.

++ Did I imagine it, or are there slight implications that Joseph's assistant wants to get with him?

++ Am I the only one hoping for more of a friendship between Amanda and Clarice? I loved their scenes together, there's definitely chemistry between the actresses and they just hit it off so well. If not a friendship then just more scenes with them because I thought they were brilliant.

++ I also loved Clarice's expression upon seeing Serge, lol!

++ HELLO POST-BSG ALUMNI! John Pyper-Ferguson, who plays Tomas Vergis, played Pegasus crew member Captain Cole "Stinger" Taylor on Battlestar Galactica.

++ Can I just say that I AM IN LOVE with Zoe's dresses? I really am. I wants. *grabby hands* ♥

++ I felt so bad for Phil when he was caught by Danie talking sweetly to the Zoe-bot, awwww. Poor geeky cute boy, lol.

++ Like I mentioned before, the ending scene with Vergis and Daniel were very tense. I loved having Vergis took off his jacket, rolled up his sleeves at had first I thought he was planning to fight Daniel (though that would be in poor taste, beating of a man in his own home), but in fact he was showing his Tauron tattoos making a very clear point to Daniel about his obligations as a Tauron and about his job. Very nice. I also loved that they were drinking orange juice instead of alcohol (unless that was an alcoholic drink? I know they come in all sorts of different colors).

Overall: How does this show continue to be more awesome each episode? I swear the hour went by so quickly I was like, omg is that it? I want more Caprica, dammit! Some people might think it's slow compared to the nonstop action-packed BSG, but given where this show is going the drama and situations are generally the same, just underneath different circumstances. Less of the spaceships and more of the on-ground, which is nice because all the storylines are connected to one another and it makes you really think about what is going to happen, that we all know is going to happen. This episode was understanding who your enemies were (Daniel vs. Vergis, Daniel vs. Joseph, Clarice vs. Barnabas) and there are somewhat even potential allies as well (Zoe and Phil, Clarice and Amanda). Revealed intentions regarding the avatars and what the Soldiers of the One, at least some of them, are intending to use those codes for and how this is just another step towards the end of civilization.

I fucking love this show and I WANTS MOAR PLZ SCIFI, MOAR!

Also, for those interested, here's a recent interview with James Marsters regarding his role in Caprica. He has some pretty interesting things to say, it's such an amazing interview overall especially after watching the recent episode I get more of a feel about what I can expect from his character.

For those still unconvinced or unfamiliar with why you should watch Caprica, go to kitsu84's picspam of characters. Gaze at the pretty, then download to catch up. I'm also in the middle of making my own picspam to promote the show, too. So keep an eye out for that. ;)
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