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All work and no play....bah

I've been feeling very....blah. It's just been one blahifying week, and that also includes this weekend as well. I've got a major midterm exam this coming Tuesday, along with a speech that I am not enthusiastic to giving. This speech is supposedly for English, but it's really for Speech Proficiency credit. Requirement that I've been putting off since the beginning because public speaking just isn't something I prefer doing. I can do it, since I was in Theater and learned the tricks of preventing stage fright, but it's slightly different from performing a scene while the audience is hidden in the shadows and speaking directly to the audience that's looking directly at you back, and you're aware of that fact.

Haven't studied all that much for the exam -- ah, procrastination kicking in -- and I really should, since the last grade I got on the last midterm wasn't what I anticipated is should've been. My professor really isn't one to disappoint when we've been discussing and been given lectures about the current subjects we're learning. Failing the exam this week would definitely question my choice in joining that class in the first place. It really is an easy class, don't get me wrong, but some of the questions given on the exams are very....complicated. I try to ease my way around those, and give the most educated answer I can.

Off to study, as well as working on finishing up a story that I've promised myself I should finish this weekend.
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