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I'm in a state of sickness right now. It's been going around lately, and it's usually the normal shit: running and stuffy nose, sore throat, sleepiness, going to school.....

Anyway, I've been feeling miserable. I woke up the other night with a really itchy and sore throat, my stomach hurt really, really bad, and I had to get up to get a glass of ice cold water - it was 3:00 in the morning. Only three hours after I fell to sleep. It was hell.

But on a happier note it's been overcast around here. I'm hoping for another rainstorm soon. But even though it's been threatening rain lately, it's still very humid out here. I want it to be fucking cooler and raining, damn it! *grrr*

I'm going to my dad's this weekend; hopefully I can bribe him into getting me the Buffy DVD's or the first season of Angel. Perhaps I shall "innocently" bribe him into buying me the South Park DVD - I could buy it myself but, eh, I'm just too damn lazy. It runs in the family.

I am pretty damn sure that my sister will be on her hands and knees to get the second season of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation on DVD. Either that or she'll be threatening a lifetime of hell for our father - oh, wait, that would be me.

Must now go write more, and hopefully finish before my mind explodes again. Putting off a very intriguing story while it's still fresh in your brain is NOT a good idea when you're in your first period English class and last period U.S. History class - it drove me beyond insane that I had to whip out my notebook and write until my hand fell off. Writers block never helps, either.
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