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13 March 2010 @ 09:16 pm
Caprica: "The Imperfections of Memory" Episode Review + Meta  
Caprica 1.07 "The Imperfections of Memory"

Amanda Graystone starts having strange visions of her deceased brother who she knows is dead but still cannot shake the feeling these hallucinations are telling her something, and in turn Sister Clarice believes that her new befriending of Amanda will eventually lead her to the answers she is looking for, particularly regarding the Zoe avatar and whatever else signs God is giving her. Meanwhile Daniel is still pursuing his need to keep his ownership over the C-Bucks and not have Vergis take anything away from him or accusing him about the MCP and why it only works for Daniel, but never for Vergis. Leading Daniel to suddenly come to a realization after all this time.

In V-World, Joseph enters New Cap City to find his daughter's avatar, only to find someone else to is willing to help him, but for a price. Zoe continues her relationship with Philo, giving him a bit of information which might lead to something else involving the evolution of the robots Graystone Industries is producing.

The Friendship Between Sister Clarice and Amanda Graystone

I was excited to see more scenes between these two women because I think they have magnificent chemistry on the screen. Of course my interest of their friendship stems from what Clarice wants from Amanda and how that has ventured further than anticipated. We know that their first meeting was for her own benefit, getting the information from Daniel's laboratory computer, only when that didn't have what they were looking for she went to try and further the friendship. But what she didn't count on was finding something else that could be of use to her.

The ambiguity of Clarice's character has drew me in since day one, and my intrigue grows with each episode. She's a mysterious woman who has her own motivations based on her beliefs, and seeing her befriending Amanda is such an interesting aspect to the show because we know that Clarice is doing this for her own gain, but we also know that she does genuinely care for Amanda and what she's going through. She's not maliciously using people or seen as manipulative, but at the same time you can argue that she is because she's trying to get access to information that would be purposeful for her work with the Soldiers of the One. It's just another complicated aspect to the mystery of her character.

For Amanda, she sees this as an opportunity to have a friend beside her not only for a shoulder to cry on, but who understands what she is going through and cared about her daughter and doesn't judge her for anything, as well as to confide in. Someone that isn't her husband, who is more concerned about his work and company these days.

The interesting part about this episode though was them talking about Amanda's visions/dreams and hallucinations, and Amanda believing this is something else telling her she is being punished. This can be due to Zoe's untimely death which brought up these memories and whatever she went through back then, particularly since she might blame herself for her brother's death (I'm not certain if in the car accident she was driving, which would be a huge factor if she thinks she's guilty); it's the same way how she almost blames herself for Zoe's death, for not being there for her daughter, for not understanding her or not having a closer relationship with her. These two incidents are what caused a dramatic change in Amanda's life. After her brother's accident she started going "crazy", being admitted to a mental hospital for three or so years. She thinks it might start up again because of all that's been happening in their lives, from Zoe's death to the Graystone Industries, everything else. It's too chaotic for her to handle and she's starting to wig out, and she reveals this to Clarice because she's afraid if she does to her husband he might not listen to what she's saying or admit her to the hospital in Delphi again.

But then Clarice starts talking about God, about how all God's creations are perfect and that whatever happens is part of His plan, and that Amanda has to search inside herself and accept God, accept His plan for her. Obviously this is one part of Clarice trying to reach out to Amanda, but there's another part of this that I wonder about.

What if the visions or hallucinations that Amanda are seeing are a message, like the angels that appeared to the characters in Battlestar Galactica? Images of those deceased, fragments of those who are closest to these characters. Although in BSG these beings appeared to characters that had a greater destiny to fulfill, something that Clarice believes is what is led her to Zoe and what is leading her to Amanda. Perhaps this is something of similarity to that. Of course, it would be easier to dismiss that concept because it's "not science fiction enough" for some people, and that Amanda is just going through a rough time and it's Clarice's beliefs that are twisting her to believe this is a sign towards her own cause. Either can work in this case, because it's quite compelling in the direction for both characters and that's what I believe is what's making the entire storyline with them, and for the entire show really, to work.

Joseph Adama: A Father On A Quest Or Chasing Ghosts?

From what I've read from other comments and what this episode provided us, I can understand why some people are getting slightly impatient with Joseph's continuing journey to find Tamara and not really spending more time with his family where he should be moving on. Though I have to say, I am intrigued with how Joseph is going to handle seeing his daughter in this virtual world. Because herein lies the question of what he's going to do once he does. What will happen then?

This Tamara is pure avatar, she cannot simply go away with him into the real world. What if Joseph finds Tamara but she's not the same Tamara he once knew? What if her experience in V-World has changed her, particularly since she knows she's dead in the real world. What if she blames him for creating her? We know the first thing she sees after being created, even though she doesn't know that at the time, was her father, so it wouldn't be impossible for her to point the finger at him for this. There are a lot of factors that go into this because Joseph wants to find his daughter, but he doesn't necessarily have a plan of action once he does. This can only extend his obsession with seeing her virtually rather than dealing with his own issues concerning his family in real life.

Remember the Tauron memorial ceremony? That was his way of moving forward from this tragedy, of him trying to see that focusing on the present and the here and now is more important than living in the past. But it is complicated due to the fact that Tamara's avatar does exist, and the last he saw her she was scared out of her mind.

There's much to be explored here between Joseph and Tamara, what he may find out or what she might find out and how it'll be resolved.

Beginnings of the Cylons, Part Deux

From the science fiction element of creating robot soldiers to the spiritual belief of apotheosis, I am absolutely in love with the direction they are heading into.

I don't know if I may be in the minority, but once mentioned by Sister Clarice and now by Zoe to Philo concerning the extension of V-World by making it just like the real world so people could live there too, I got chills of excitement. I know some people may not have particular beliefs in that, but you don't have to believe in that way of thinking to enjoy or at least understand this is a major part of what is going to come to pass. Now obviously, Sister Clarice believes this is a sign from God and believes in apotheosis, Zoe may have the same views but perhaps her intentions are much different from Clarice's. We know that Zoe wants to fulfill her mission that the original Zoe had planned, and we know that Clarice wants to avatar for their own purposes of creating eternal life through such devices and advanced technology, once that the original Zoe did in creating Zoe-A. It's very confusing, but fascinating judging from Zoe's conversation with Philo about extending reality into the virtual world. Perhaps she wants Philo to live with her in V-World rather than in reality, perhaps she wants others to follow suit.

I need to rewatch the episode again to really decipher that, but I know that whatever either is planning it's going to be exciting, and now that Zoe has given Philo the information he needs this might become the next step.

Memorable Moments of the Episode:

++ More scenes between Amanda and Clarice, because I adore them whenever they are together. There really should be more characters on the screen together than just the same individuals. Like, what if we had Sister Clarice and Sam Adama in the same room together? That would be sweet.

++ Speaking of, NEEDED MOAR SAM.


++ VIPERS!!!! Well, not exactly the Viper Mark II from BSG, but vipers all the same. Zoe looked amazing wearing that helmet, ngl. Zoe might not be a stealthy viper pilot, but if she took her time to learn training in V-World I'm betting she might Kara Thrace a run for her money, that's all I'm saying. ;D

++ Awww, Zoe/Philo. ♥ Lacy/Keon, too. ♥

++ "Which god? Which god do I trust?" Oh, Amanda. :( On one hand this was a way for Clarice to kind of slightly convert Amanda to understanding the belief of the One True God and kind of disappointed that she asked which one of the Lords of Kobol should she trust in believing. OR this could be Amanda's vulnerable moments where she's losing faith in the gods.

++ LOL, poor Philo! He's always getting caught doing slightly embarrassing things in Daniel's lab. lololol the poor boy.

++ How adorable was it that, Caesar, the family dog wanted to play fetch with the Zoe-bot? Awww, so sweet. It's quite obvious from his behavior that the dog knows that Zoe still exists in the robot body. I have a feeling that whenever Amanda and Daniel aren't around Zoe kind of talks/plays with Caesar. Same with Serge, judging from what has been written in the Serge Graystone Twitter, as he knows about what they have planned because Zoe told him. Since I imagine when she's not going to V-World or being worked on, it can get pretty lonely.

++ When Daniel quietly went "Zoe?" to the robot I was like :O :O SHIT IS ABOUT TO GET REAL.

Overall: Again, this show proves how much they are improving by each episode, gaining more excitement with its characters and what is happening to them. I've come across some people that think the writing isn't up the par with Battlestar Galactica or that Jane Espenson doesn't know what she's doing, which I beg to differ. The writing is exactly as it should be because they are focusing on characters that we're supposed to look, observe, care about and even question based on their actions; some are redeemable, others are mysterious that we don't quite understand what their motives or true intentions are yet, and most of all they are all connected to each other in the grander scheme of things. We see the focus on these characters and their lives, what they are going through; Amanda and Clarice's bonding moments and friendship, the growing relationships between Zoe and Philo as well as Lacy and Keon, the animosity between Daniel and Vergis, etc. All these are important and vital for what is to come, and while we still have some explanations to go, the writing does everything in that justice. It's completely relatable to our world even when it's a different culture, just like BSG was, and that's what I highly appreciate about both shows and Caprica and proving significantly in that.

I love this show and where it's going, and if others don't well, that's their issue. All I can say is, shit is going to go down and I am fully prepared for what is going to happen next.

In related news, I am very jealous for those who will attend the Paley Center Event for Caprica in New York City come the 17th. It makes me wish I lived in New York or could afford to fly out all the way across the country to be able to attend because, seriously, not only do people get a screening of an upcoming episode from the season but also see the cast/crew from the show. All for $35 people! That's extremely cheap compared to conventions, my God. I really want to see Alessandra and Sasha Roiz, dammit. Oh well, perhaps next time.

Also, I have to ask, HOW COME NO SUPERNATURAL CREATION CONS ARE EVER IN SACRAMENTO?! I'm looking at the the calender and the only Sacramento event is for a Twilight convention which, fuck that disgusting shit. I mean, yay for Los Angeles and all that but, seriously, it would make my traveling SO MUCH easier if there were SPN cons in my area.
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Alex: Caprica Danieldragonlit on March 14th, 2010 06:33 am (UTC)
This show is drawing me in more and more with every episode. I wish there were more that two left before the hiatus!! (On a completely self-absorbed note, I was really excited when talking with a friend in the industry, I found out that i know the woman who is the asst costume designer on the show!)

I loved this episode! I really think Clarisse is using Amanda for her own ends. Yes, she sees Amanda with her visions as being a link in what Clarisse perceives as God's plan, but I really think she sees her as a tool to achieve her own glory. That being said, I loved the last scene between the two at the Dive. I think if Clarisse answers Amanda truthfully about which god, Amanda will likely balk though, because she's bound to make the connection that Clarisse is a member of the STO.

The end was great, when Daniel called the robot Zoe. LOVE Daniel!! Finally, he's figuring it out! :) And Zoe and Philo are so cute together!!

As for the writng, I agree with you completely. This is such a different show from BSG (and admittedly, I only saw a handful of episodes of BSG) but it seemed to me that it was action driven rather than character driven.

Drooling in anticipation for next week.
Renéerogueslayer452 on March 14th, 2010 06:48 am (UTC)
I also think that in due time Amanda will definitely link Clarice with the STO, especially since they were both kind of high at the Dive things will certainly be said. Of course, perhaps Clarice was willing to let that slip if she believes she can convert Amanda into believing in God rather than the gods. But this has me wondering, can one simply be a monotheist without belonging to the STO? It's mainly a generalization that anyone who believes in a singular God must be connected to the terrorist ring, like with Lacy who seems to certainly believe in the One True God but isn't part of the religious group.

It's one of the things I think about, since the sweeping generalizations that anyone who is monotheistic must be a terrorist. It's a thing to ponder, in case Amanda does suspect and if Clarice can cover her tracks just in case.

I'm interested to know what Daniel is going to do once figuring it out, though. Zoe clearly wants to finish what she started but Daniel might not allow that. So seeing whatever conflict between them is going to be interesting to see.

As for the writng, I agree with you completely. This is such a different show from BSG (and admittedly, I only saw a handful of episodes of BSG) but it seemed to me that it was action driven rather than character driven.

Actually, BSG was both. It was very actiony but it also was derived by having very character-driven episodes and storylines, which is what made it more fleshed out than any other science fiction show; it cared about its characters and in the end it was all about them and their journeys, which I appreciated. The difference between that and Caprica is that BSG was post-apocalyptic attacks whereas with this show it's more about the characters and the actions serving major consequences for what is leading up to that post-apocalyptic future; less with the space battles and more of the at-home battles, if you will.

Both are exciting in their own ways, of course. :)
Alex: Caprica Danieldragonlit on March 14th, 2010 04:16 pm (UTC)
Amanda did make that generalization about Zoe when she was given that package, finding the evidence that Zoe was a monotheist so I believe she will at least initially come to that conclusion about Clarice. It would take some serious rhetoric on Clarice's part to convince Amanda that she wasn't a terrorist.

The conflict between Daniel and Zoe will get intense because they have such different goals, Daniel the businessman vs Zoe the altruist. I can't see Zoe being able to convince Daniel that her goals are the more worthy. Daniel has made it pretty clear that Zoe-2 is not his daughter but merely a copy after all. This brings to my mind Joseph's comment that it was his daughter, was Tamara in the V-world. What a difference in viewpoint Daniel and Joseph have now, the pragmatist and the man lead to a great degree by his emotions.

And I stand corrected about BSG. *reminds self not to make commentary about what she does not know ;)*
Nicole Anell: kara thracenicole_anell on March 14th, 2010 07:03 am (UTC)
I'm more intrigued by Clarice every week. At first I thought her relationship with Amanda was completely manipulative, and in a way it is, but she also has more complex feelings for her and her possible role in the STO's goals. She seems to deeply respect her -- even and especially her 'crazy' side -- in a way maybe no one else would. Of course I'm pretty excited about Amanda's visions and whether she's delusional or really seeing something. Flashes of BSG again. :)))


Heee, I cracked up at Heracles instructing Joseph how to "fly" and then being like NO YOU IDIOT.

Zoe/Philo Viper flying! And Philo embarrassing himself again. XD


I really want to go to the Paley thing but I think it might be sold out? I'm having trouble getting a ticket on their website, it only has the option of watching from the TV room. :(
Renée: Cylons. By your command!rogueslayer452 on March 14th, 2010 08:51 am (UTC)
I frakking love Clarice, I was so happy to have more of her in this episode and even more happy that she's with Amanda. I find her so compelling, all the characters are really but her story is so mysterious that you just want to know more. She's just so fantastic. I love her bond with Amanda, definitely going to her for her own needs but there's that connection between them now and yes, I also believe she respects Amanda and understands her. I want moar of them, plz show.

Of course I'm pretty excited about Amanda's visions and whether she's delusional or really seeing something. Flashes of BSG again. :)))

I know, right? Those little connections are what makes me squee. :D

Hee, that whole scene with Heracles and Joseph made me lol in real life, that was so great. I actually thought for a second that it was going to work, but then I realized duh, of course not! ;p But you know, it would make sense to think that, especially for someone like Joseph who isn't familiar with V-World; you would think that creating a virtual world would allow you do defy all sorts of real world laws, including gravity. ;)

Zoe and Philo are too adorable. FLYING VIPERS TOGETHER GOT ME FLASHING BACK TO BSG, OMG. I love that Zoe isn't a great pilot. I mean, she could try to hack something to make it seem like she was, but she wants to be more realistic. I loved that.

I really want to go to the Paley thing but I think it might be sold out? I'm having trouble getting a ticket on their website, it only has the option of watching from the TV room. :(

I don't know, bb. :( All I know is that if I could have gone, I totally would have. Fuck, I just want to go to any BSG/Caprica event because I LOVE THESE PEOPLE OMG.
woodstarling on March 14th, 2010 08:36 am (UTC)
Damn, if there was a con in Sac I would be so damn happy. Not that I don't like roadtrips but damn.
Renée: Castiel. I don't understand.rogueslayer452 on March 14th, 2010 08:53 am (UTC)
I know, right? I mean Sacramento is the capital of California, ppl! Other Creation Cons have been held here, why can't SPN be among them for goodness sakes? Throw us a bone here, come on.
ashley: tv; caprica · hitmankitsu84 on March 14th, 2010 04:08 pm (UTC)
I heard about the event coming up this Wednesday in NY, and I literally went /o\ . UGH, FML. Anyway... Here's hoping that a few members of the cast will attend D*CON this year.

Oh. And, agreed on needing moar Sam in this episode. Although, the vipers made me flail, and Joseph actually believing he could fly was the cutest thing ever. ♥
Renée: Caprica. Zoe Graystone.rogueslayer452 on March 14th, 2010 09:28 pm (UTC)
I really want to go to an event where BSG/Caprica people will be attending, just because I love them so dearly and just want to experience it (since I already have with SPN cons and such).

YAY FOR VIPERS! :D And Joseph thinking he could really fly like Superman made me laugh, but it's too cute because he's not familiar with the laws within V-World, and with the boy leading him on only to go "no you idiot you can't fly!" LOL! XD

This show, I swear. ♥
volksjagervolksjager on March 14th, 2010 04:33 pm (UTC)
How many epsidoes will there be this season ?
Renéerogueslayer452 on March 14th, 2010 09:04 pm (UTC)
They have ordered a full season, at least 20 episodes total. Though I heard that we'll be getting nine episodes now and then going on hiatus until October.
Always distant. Always silent.: Caprica - Claricethemirrorofsin on March 14th, 2010 05:02 pm (UTC)
I'm so on the relationship with Amanda and Clarice - it's so interesting. It's like we can see that Clarice does have other motives to find Zoe avatar etc but she does seem to care about Amanda - meeting with her without actually gaining new info on Zoe but Amanda. I just love their screentime like you said :)

Yeah I want more Sam now!

That kind of creeped me out when Daniel went "Zoe". I dunno maybe his tone? But yeah. Caprica is getting so good! I'm not an orginal BSG watcher so it's all kind of new to me but really getting into it :D
Renée: Six. Satisfied.rogueslayer452 on March 14th, 2010 09:24 pm (UTC)
The ambiguity of Clarice's character has been intriguing me, and her bond with Amanda is very sweet yet you have to wonder what is Clarice planning now or what will happen next. Since it's obvious that she wants more information regarding the Zoe avatar, but yes at the same time the more quality time she spends with Amanda the more fond she's growing of her. Now, more than ever, with her talk about seeing visions of her dead brother. I truly think that even with her other motives Clarice wants to help Amanda, and I love their newfound friendship because of that and I want more of it.

Also, it's perhaps the first time I've seen Amanda go outside of her house with someone she calls a friend, just to be out and confide in another human being. So it's definitely therapeutic for her to have Clarice around, you know?


Daniel Graystone is a very much in the gray area; like from the board meeting when he regards the robot like a living, thinking individual and yet contradicts himself later by saying that these robots would do whatever we tell them to without question, such as for the Zoe-bot to rip out her arm. He's all about personal gain, particularly with his company and if he finds out that Zoe is in there all this time....he might find a way to use that against Vergis in some way. I mean, I'm interested in how he'll react (and vice versa with Zoe), but still I agree. Creepy.

I think it's awesome that non-BSG watchers are getting into Caprica even without knowing the events that come from BSG. It means that it's a show that a previous fan can come into due to the extension of the universe, but also for people unfamiliar with BSG to become drawn to the show without having to worry about seeing something prior to understand what they're seeing. :)
Always distant. Always silent.: Caprica - Clarice & Lacythemirrorofsin on March 15th, 2010 06:07 pm (UTC)
I agree I think that it is real the friendship Clarice feels for Amanda and I really want to see far more of them :)
Yes and the fact that although she is still mourning Zoe she seems to slighly happier...?

I know! Sam is so cool :D

Mmm he just makes me "um" a lot and I don't know, sometimes I like him then he goes a bit weird and I freak out slightly. Now I'm wondering about how he will act with knowing (are we pretty sure he has figured it out and it's not just some guess?) about the Zoe-robot.

Yeah I have been impressed so far and so, maybe after this, I will go and start watching BSG.
Annann1962 on March 14th, 2010 05:14 pm (UTC)
Over from Caprica_fans. This is great. Thanks!

I'm most fascinated by Joseph and Tamara. The overall theme (that I see) of when you get what you really want, and how that plays out...gah!! For all the characters, but especially them.
Renée: BSG. Adama love.rogueslayer452 on March 14th, 2010 09:07 pm (UTC)
I really want to see how it all plays out for Joseph and what he encounters in hopes of finding Tamara, because even if he does see her the question does remain what will happen then? Will he let her go? Will he continue to see her in V-World, or will Tamara tell him to return back home to their family who needs him the most? There are so many things that can happen and I'm anxious to find out.
possibly Claresancta_terra on March 15th, 2010 08:10 pm (UTC)
here from Caprica Fans, just to say that this was a really great read - more organised than my massive entry of "BRAINSPLURGE" that I did haha. I love this show so much and pretty much agree with every comment you've made here!
Renée: Caprica. Zoe Graystone.rogueslayer452 on March 15th, 2010 08:18 pm (UTC)
Hehe, thanks. :) Most times I'll have a huge brainsplurge myself directly after an episode has aired, but the fun thing about Caprica is how it's completely like BSG in the sense that there's so much meta to be evaluated. Specifically the parallels and connections between them, how they relate and just piecing together events that'll lead to what we know is to come. I do this with all my shows, because I look at things objectively and try to piece the puzzle together.

That's what so fascinating to me about the show, how compelling it is and those exact parallels and mysteries that keep you guessing. :D
possibly Clare: caprica: this hell is of our own makingsancta_terra on March 15th, 2010 08:29 pm (UTC)
oh agreed!! I love a tv programme that will make you think and Caprica leaves me pondering for ages - just like BSG did but possibly more so. I've heard from a lot of people that Caprica is struggling to find it's identity but I disagree - I love the fact that it's got so many faces and aspects that make up this new and different identity. I love it as a BSG fan too, cringing at the scene where Daniel makes his big announcement and laughing at how bad the C-Bucs are (they need Sam stat.) A friend asked me on my LJ to describe it generally and I had more than the character limit for one comment, haha, and that was before I started adding trailers from youtube.

I also love that you commented on Zoe's dresses. I love her dresses. I pretty much adore Zoe in all forms but her dresses are just ♥
Renée: Six/Gaius. Your destiny awaits.rogueslayer452 on March 15th, 2010 08:54 pm (UTC)
I've heard from a lot of people that Caprica is struggling to find it's identity but I disagree - I love the fact that it's got so many faces and aspects that make up this new and different identity.

Definitely, especially with those who criticize the writing for being predictable and/or the storytelling unrelatable. Being a huge fan of BSG, they're doing precisely what they've done before in that regard of making situations both fantastical yet completely relatable to the audience that makes us care about the characters and the situations they're in. I love that Caprica has its own identity, more now as the episodes continue forward, while still maintaining ground of paralleling itself to the mythology of BSG. It won't be like BSG, but at the same time it still presents the same connections as its predecessor, and I think that's great.

A friend asked me on my LJ to describe it generally and I had more than the character limit for one comment, haha, and that was before I started adding trailers from youtube.

Hee, there's no way to generally describe the show, just like with Battlestar there's no easy way of simplifying the show in a short amount of wording.

Zoe is totally the beginnings of what Number Six is going to become, having those fantabulous dresses, even a signature one (the purple dress she had on for the first few episodes) and now gradually shifting to different styles and colors.
possibly Clare: bsg: and lead me to salvationsancta_terra on March 15th, 2010 10:08 pm (UTC)
Being a huge fan of BSG, they're doing precisely what they've done before in that regard of making situations both fantastical yet completely relatable to the audience that makes us care about the characters and the situations they're in.

YES. exactly this!

And totally agreed on Zoe too, I just love her. I cannot wait to see how this programme pans out. The hiatus is going to be horrible.
philstar22: Supernatural: Castielphilstar22 on March 16th, 2010 02:33 am (UTC)
Yes, and why also no Supernatural conventions in Boston? I want to meet Jensen and Misha and Jared. :( Oh well. I'M GOING TO DRAGON*CON THIS YEAR! I'm so excited. I doubt any of our boys will be there, but it is still going to be amazing. My fingers are still crossed that Craig Parker will be there because he was there two years ago.
Renée: Misha/Jensen/Jared.rogueslayer452 on March 16th, 2010 02:54 am (UTC)
I went to Chicago Con last year (my first convention ever) and I met MISHA AND JIM BEAVER! :D They are so friendly and charming and amazing, Misha is definitely more gorgeous in real life. How that is even possible, idek. I'm going again to the LA Con in two weeks. I just wish there was like a convenience of these conventions being in my actual area, you know? Save money on traveling expenses and all of that.

Other than that I truly want to attend other conventions for other fandoms, like BSG or Firefly or whatever else is there.
(Deleted comment)
Renée: BSG. Cylon women are ftw.rogueslayer452 on March 19th, 2010 10:54 am (UTC)
My feelings precisely. I love BSG but sometimes the fans associated there can be incredibly pessimistic and critical, often times not really seeing for what Caprica is and not for what it should be as comparing it to BSG's style (and these are often the same people who dissed the last half of the fourth season, I find). It is an extension of the universe BSG presented to us, but it has taken its own form that it shouldn't need to be constantly compared and nitpicked. Especially with some who are skeptical and argue that the writing isn't up the par, which I severely disagree with. Jane Espenson's writing is top-notch, has been from BSG and continues on with Caprica; she's creating this entire world and culture so without her and RDM's combined creative minds, we wouldn't have what it is now.

I love BSG immensely, I think it's one of the best television shows ever, but I am loving the direction they are taking Caprica and it, too, has went above and beyond my expectations. If others can't see that or have too much of a grudge from whatever to at least give it a chance, that's their loss. I knew there would be naysayers from the beginning, since this is less with the big action sequences and more of a family drama than anything else, and some scifi fans don't like that. But that doesn't take away from the richness of the material, in the writing or the mythology of it all.

Edited at 2010-03-19 10:56 am (UTC)