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Scribbled out the truth with their lies, your little spies.

I'm almost caught up with Legend of the Seeker, I have like only three episodes to go with the second season and then I'll be ready to watch with the rest of the fandom once it returns with newer episodes! \O/ Downloading them at this very moment, and once I do I'll give my further thoughts into what I think.

I will say this though: Richard/Kahlan = Dean/Castiel. Like, honest to God. ♥

I've been thinking about certain things lately, like what certain contributions others do in fandom that I would like to learn how to do someday. Fanvidding, for example. I'm always so fascinated by the immense talent some vidders have in the fandom world, mostly because I really wish I had that talent myself. I have dozens of fanvid plotbunnies roaming around in my head and nothing to do with them, only hopeful wishing. This happens a lot when creating a fanmix, or just in general, whenever I hear I song I think suits perfectly for a character or pairing I immediately have scenes going around in my head on how it would make a nice fanvid. I've started looking at different programs specifically for video editing, such as Sony Vegas, and even searching through tutorials and read what others say about their process of making fanvids and such. And I have to say, I have the utmost respect for the lot of you who do. It seems so time consuming and a lot of hard work. I know, it's a matter of practicing and getting the hang of it through trial by errors, but it seems all so technical and complicated, speaking as an outsider not knowing of the process entirely. ;)

That's my wish, that one day I'll be able to accomplish the task of vidding something, given I have the time and the patience for it, since learning something new takes a lot of. But I'm hoping that I'll get to do that in the near future, because with all these ideas and concepts swarming around in my head, you know my creations will be epic shit.
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