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Better get your socks ready, ppls...

++ The health care reform bill has been passed! Some people have different opinions on it, but personally I am very pleased by this, very very pleased. It's not perfect, it still has to go to the Senate to be finalized and it won't take its effect immediately, but it's progressing something rather than nothing and I really think a lot of Americans will benefit greatly from some of the proposals made. Of course, I'm amused by some of the butthurt comments going around within the political community. Stay classy, folks.

++ I just found this out but, MARKSHA IS GOING TO LA CON!! LIKE HOLY SHIT WHUT! THIS IS AWESOMESAUCE. Completely last minute addage so there's nothing to buy from the website, but once I'm there I soooo buying an autograph ticket for him, because I just want to be all "hai Lucifer!" XD So there's a new SPN Thursday, then Friday I'm going with woodstarling and _mournthewicked TO SEE THE BOYS IRL! OMG CAN'T WAIT WHEEE!!! \O/ \O/ \O/

++ Someone across the street got evicted from their house today, and I witnessed some of it. Scary shit. D:
Tags: conventions, politics, rl on the dl, supernatural
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