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News: Mother Nature's PMS has turned into rage

After a week of sunshine with low temperatures, Mother Nature has decided to end the week with a massive rainstorm/thunderstorm, concluded with high strong winds and mood swinging conditions. Honestly, springtime is not the best time to be going swimming or doing outside business (i.e. birthday parties, garage sales, lemonade stands, or what have you). This is, after all, the state that has the oddest weather control ever, which might be a little ignorant to be saying because I haven't visited all 50 states to determine this opinion. But according to everyone that has traveled through, California is pretty much unstable in its weather predictions. It also doesn't help that the weatherman on the news isn't always correct -- sometimes way off the charts. But as we all know, they don't get paid for their accuracy.

We've just got a tornado warning as well. Perfect. Well, we do have the strong winds to carry an entire house a few feet off the ground, so it's highly possible it might hit us. Doubtful, but it might. I'm just hoping we'll be tossled over towards the Wizarding World instead of Oz. Because hey, who wouldn't want to be at Hogwarts after being thrown about a house carried in midair?

Watching Wonderfalls right now, and I'm at the "Lovesick Ass" episode. After watching the stuffed donkey say to Jaye: "Girl needs a donut", I suddenly felt the urge to get some myself. So here I am, munching on a chocolate donut, wathcing television and watching for more tornado signs outside the window.

I highly doubt it'll hit us directly, but if I see a flying cow float past my window I'll let you know.
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