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I AM SO IN LOVE WITH THIS SHOW, I SWEAR TO GOD. Without going individually through all the episodes from season one and season two, I think I'll just hit on specific points of what I love most of all.

Starting with THE EPICNESS THAT IS KAHLAN/RICHARD. Holy shit you guys, their love is completely adorable and so strong. This is the love story of the entire series, okay? You're rooting for them to make it through, to get together and stay together despite the obstacles. I mean fuck, in the season one finale, which was a mindfrakking awesome finale btw, Kahlan's love for Richard transcended through time and space just so he could fulfill his destiny and get back to the present time! IF THAT DOESN'T SAY TRUE LOVE THAN I DON'T KNOW WHAT DOES. EVERYTHING KAHLAN DOES IS FOR FOR RICHARD, AND VICE VERSA, BECAUSE THEY LOVE EACH OTHER. There's just no words for how adorable they are together. The complications and hurdles they have to get through doesn't matter, because as long as they have each other they are all right. I mean, even with epic sexytiems that we all love because hello, their love is much more powerful so nothing comes between them. I just, omglovelovelove. ♥

I do have to say, at first I was like um, Richard? You has longer hair now, the hell? But now I'm attached to his hair, idk. It's more grabbable, especially for Kahlan. ;D And I think it suits him better, gives him a more rugged feeling by being on the go constantly. They wouldn't have time for haircuts. Except Kahlan continues to have more and more epic hair with each passing episode, like that's gonna change anytime soon. ;D

Speaking of mah bb girl Kahlan, HOW MUCH DOES SHE ROCK HER NEWER MORE BADASS OUTFIT?! *points to gif above* I mean seriously, I adore her white Mother Confessor dress because that is like, a trademark for her really particularly all during S1, but this newer outfit? I AM IN LOVE. Hell, I just love the entire wardrobe, okay? I want replicas of them, or to be able to recreate them on my own because, dayum. There's so much love for Kahlan this season even more than last season, if that's even possible. How can I love this woman even more than I already do?


Like that needs explanation, right? Okay, I loved her in the season finale, I loved her in the season premiere I love her connection with Richard and her devotion for protecting and serving him. I CRIED WHILE WATCHING "BROKEN" OKAY??? Jesus Christ, the entire backstory to her training to become a Mord Sith, it's just so fucking heartbreaking and she's so tough yet so fragile at the same time. My God, I love her so much. I also love the love/hate frenemy thing going on between her and Kahlan in the beginning, and I LOVE the fact that they're cool with each other now. That Kahlan understands that despite Cara having killed her sister it was part of her job description, she had no other choice and was following orders, and she truly does have remorse and she has proven herself loyal to Richard and everything they're doing. Just, <3 <3 <3 to them both. femslash is so alive here, I swear

Frenemies status between Cara and Kahlan and her BFFness with Richard? I love Cara, she's the best addition to the show yet. Plus, I love her matter-of-fact bluntness she has. She says what's on her mind and doesn't regret it for a second. That's my girl.


So yeah, I'm girlcrushing on BOTH Kahlan and Cara. I love them both equally, they're so badass and fierce, just unfffff. ♥

I also have to give a shoutout to the temporary new Seeker Leo, RIP. :(( I actually liked him, at first I didn't know what to make of the whole concept of them finding another Seeker all because of what some prophecy says because here I'm all BUT RICHARD IS THE ONE TRUE MOTHERFUCKING SEEKER OKAY?! HE WILL NOT FAIL! Then again, finding the Stone of Tears is practically a bigger task than his title. And while Richard was away I did like Leo, and I liked how he and Cara got along (SHE GIGGLED AT HIS JOKE! :D HAPPY!CARA MAKES ME HAPPY!) But then he died after like, only two episodes and I was all D: D: D: He would've been great for Cara. He made her laugh and smile.

At first I didn't know what to make about Sister Nicci, but after this last episode I come to the conclusion that I really like her. Especially that she's doing things for herself, not for the Creator or for the Keeper or even for Richard, but for herself. I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing, but I liked seeing that at the end of the episode that she was making decisions for herself.

That's all I have to gush over at the moment. There's more I want to say but my mind is jumbled up and I'm sure that once people start talking with me about it we can like, completely be fangirling together over things I hadn't discussed here. But let me just say, I loved the first season so fucking much, but I'm loving season two even better! It's just so much crack and I am enthralled, everything this show is with the characters and the action and the story and just everything involved, this is how you captivate an audience. I knew nothing about the series before watching the pilot, and now I am completely and utterly hooked and I can't wait for more!!!! :D :D :D :D

I'm thinking, based on people's recommendations, about reading Wizard's First Rule, the first in the Sword of Truth series by Terry Goodkind which prompted the show in the first place. I still am not much of a fantasy book reader and I'm still keeping in mind the warnings about the later books that aren't that great, but I've heard that the first book is by far the best so I'm going to give it a shot. I won't guarantee anything, but I'll still continue loving and watching the show either way. :)
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