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Something that's not con-related? Shocking!

++ Life, in these last two weeks, have been kind of slow yet busy at the same time. An oxymoron I realize, but that's how it's been feeling. We're rearranging the house in certain ways which means spring cleaning fun! But at the same time I'm restlessly bored because I have yet to get any notifications for job interviews. It's getting rather ridiculous at this point. I WANNA BE EMPLOYED, DAMMIT. I'M TIRED OF GOING AROUND IN CIRCLES. :/

++ I almost got into a comment-wanking war with someone who didn't understand how offensive and racist Amanda Palmer's "joking" comment was towards Lady Gaga and Beyonce. I don't care if it was supposed to have been dark humored, this is a prime example of hipster racism and how some people fail to acknowledge or understand precisely what it is and how it doesn't excuse making derogatory comments whatsoever especially in such a context she did. Then failing to apologize for her comment by making yet another racefail post. Oh Neil Gaiman, I'm so sorry for you. :/

++ If you haven't yet, go read aesc's epic BAMF!Castiel manifesto. Describes everything that I love about Castiel's character in canon and why everyone in fandom should acknowledge his fierce badassery. ♥

++ COMM PIMPING: savetrenchcoat is a community that bold_seer created which was kinda inspired by me from our brief discussion in saving Castiel's trench coat from being discarded from the show. Because his trench coat is like, everything Castiel okay? So yeah, the comm was created in support towards Castiel and his trench coat. Also, pimping out mmm_sha because EVERYONE NEEDS TO JUST ACCEPT THEIR LOVE FOR MISHA/MARKSHA ALREADY! IT IS THE INEVITABLE, YOU'LL GIVE IN ONE WAY OR ANOTHER!

++ New Misha Collins video interview. No spoilers. He mainly talks about being an actor and his minions in which he says to us, "Keep it real homies." ♥ ♥ ♥

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