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Are you ready, for Freddy?


Okay, first I have to say. I'm a huge horror fan, moreover I'm a HUGE Nightmare on Elm Street fan. So you betcha when they first announced they were recreating it I literally did a jaw-drop of horror and fear, because I'm like STOP FUCKING WITH THE CLASSICS HOLLYWOOD! >:O But upon seeing these previews and trailers, and the epic cast ensemble (KATIE CASSIDY! ♥ THOMAS DEKKER!), it doesn't look that bad. In fact, it looks even scarier than the original, if the trailers say anything about how the feel of the film is going to be like. I'm not saying it'll replace my love for the original NOES, because nothing will. But you know, you can't knock it until you've seen it and I'm definitely going to be seeing it on the 30th. :D

I also have a deep fascination with psychological effects of sleep and the mysteries of our subconscious, since we're still very boggled by the science of our own brains, and the very concept of the "if you die in your dreams, you die in real life" urban legend is still motherfucking freaky.

(I will say though, while this new one will be on a scarier level it definitely won't beat out THE FREDDY KRUEGER '90s RAP SONG! Don't forget the Will Smith version, too. lol, oh 90s)
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