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Remembering 9-11

Interesting day, although not quite enjoyable it wasn't like I haven't had worse in the past, which I have - but let's not go there. It's bad enough that I'm having cramps and dealing with this kind of crap today.

First of all, in first period English there was the Remembrance of September 11th that we had to write, as well as over the anouncements of a Moment of Silence. Now, I believe I wrote an excellent little summary about how I felt about that tragic day two years ago. And, as always, our teacher made us share with the entire class - and I didn't complain because I have a lot of participation in that particular class....which is very rare considering that school isn't something that I enjoy thoroughly. However, being that it's so early in the moring and that I'm just waking up, as well as everyone else, I think I'm just a little lightheated and drowsy (if not extremely cranky and bitchy).

So anyway, we're sharing and I've got at least a full paragraph about what I feel about what had happened and how I believe it's affected America as a whole, and I expected to hear very intelligent answers and thoughts as well.

Boy, had I been wrong.

Mostly the majority of the class had said the exactly the same thing. They either thought what had happened was "sad" or they were very "sad and angry". Honestly, from the moment the two planes crashed into the Twin Towers I didn't understand or know what the hell was going on. Mainly the reason for that was because I didn't know all the details to start pointing fingers at someone, but now I know and, yes, I agree it was a sad and dramatic day for everyone in America, especially the people in New York who were there as it happened.

However, back to what I was saying, I was getting really bored and annoyed by the repeated answers. So, when my teacher answered to my raised hand, (which is a shocker, since I rarely raise my hand in class; only in U.S. History and this class do I do it more often), I gave a very intelligent and open-minded opinion about what I thought about the events of 9-11. Surely enough, there were some of the students who looked quite intrigued by what I've said and there was one chick, who shall remain nameless, who scoffed at what I said and rolled her eyes.

This is what I mentioned that I thought was very good: "....Althought what had happened on that day was a tragic event and we'll never get over it, even in generations to come, I believe this was a wake-up call for America because we tend to forget that there are other countries out there that don't have a lot of advantages that we have, and we are looked down upon because of it. Americans nowadays take for granted the things that other countries would cherish...." There was more to it, but since we turned in the papers I've forgotten what I wrote from there on out.

Somehow, in one way or another, I find that I'm more intelligent than the other students in the class. Though I have no doubt that there are more of them that had something similiar to what I wrote, because not everyone had a chance to speak up, but I do believe that I was the only insightful person inside that classroom to think outside the box than just look at the obvious.

That's just a little rant and rave that I decided to do today. Perhaps it's because I haven't eaten anything since I've gotten home or because I've got these DAMNED CRAMPS!!! ARGH!!!

*breathes deeply* Okay, well, glad that's over.....I would be bitchier but, I don't have the energy to rant about the other little things that are pissing me off at this very moment. So, yeah....
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