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SPN: "Point of No Return" Episode Review + Meta

My brain is still scattered with thoughts, but I wrote them out anyway. Might be all over the place, I don't know. I have more thoughts that I'll post later, because my brain isn't done processing everything yet. But there's some thinky-thoughts accompanied by sparkletext and gifs. ;D

Supernatural 5.18 "Point Of No Return"

In needs to prevent Dean from going to the angels and saying yes to becoming Michael's vessel, Sam, Castiel and Bobby give him a slight intervention in hopes he'll reconsider his actions that they will find another way, although Dean stubbornly doesn't believe so. This leads to be locked in the panic room to prevent him from leaving and for a very, um, physical moment between him and Castiel after he tries escaping. In the middle of this, however, they are interrupted once realizing that the angels have shifted their plans as they had resurrected the Winchester's half-brother, Adam, in saying that because he has Winchester blood running through him he's the next viable candidate to becoming Michael's vessel. Adam had been manipulated and told lies by Zachariah in saying that in exchange of agreeing to their terms of stopping Lucifer, he would be able to see his mother in Heaven. Sam and Dean try to warn him about the angels and their plans, but Adam doesn't believe them, until it is too late when he's taken to the Angel Room and being told straightforward it was all a setup to get Dean to come to them. In a huge intense moment towards the end, Castiel wards off a gang of angels by banishing them (along with himself), Dean ends up killing Zachariah, but not before he says yes which, while they to escape, Adam gets trapped inside the room and is presumed that Michael got to him.

Character's faiths and trust in others are put to the test, sacrifice, and badass moments which lead to interesting and fascinating outcomes to what this could all mean for the Apocalypse, as we're down to the final four episodes of Supernatural's fifth season.

Dean and Castiel: Out Of Friendship, Trust and Betrayal

Never mind how immensely awesome the slash innuendos and the unresolved sexual tension was both in subtext and text from the episode, leaving my Dean/Castiel shipper heart to go a-squee, there was quite a shift from the normal Dean and Castiel interaction seen in this episode than in previous episodes. From a simple glance to how they regarded each other, it's an interesting contrast, particularly when you understand everything that these characters are going through and how deep their desperation has gotten. Dean's faith has been slowly dwindling away so he has nothing left to give, nothing left to offer, whereas with Castiel it's like this huge bombshell in a short period of time, and he has more pent up frustration when he sees that Dean is deeply considering just giving up.

What happened in the alleyway was the result of both of them acting completely in desperation. Some may ask, well how come Castiel wailed on Dean like that, beating him into a bloody pulp? Why couldn't he have just talked to him? Well, take into consideration that Castiel probably came down to the panic room to do just that, but Dean made the mistake in using the banishing sigil on him to escape. The thing is, even when pushed to that point of becoming angry Castiel has always been reserved, always held himself back; he has never once raised his hand or fought Dean in such a way before. So that whole scene is a mixture of raw emotions for him, things he's been feeling for some time but didn't allow himself to express them so adamantly, until now.

"I rebelled for this?! So you could surrender to them? I gave everything for you, and this is what you give me?!"

In my opinion, Castiel has the right to be angry, to be enraged especially at Dean because he is correct. Castiel has done nothing but give everything to Dean, everything he's ever done, all the things he's given up, his family and his home, all for Dean and his cause for "team free will"; he has faith in Dean, had faith in what they were fighting for. And like hell is he just going to sit back and watch Dean disintegrate and just lay down like a dog and give up. Take into account how Dean convinced Castiel into fighting the good fight, into doing what is right instead of what was ordered from him in 4.22 "Lucifer Rising"; Castiel believed in that Dean, he believed in that mission, that cause. With everything that's been happening, you can't fault Castiel for feeling the way he does, for acting the way he did, for feeling so utterly betrayed. Especially since Dean was acting, well, kinda like a dick not just to Castiel but towards everyone, really.

But it's understandable from Dean's side, as well. We've seen him gradually dwindle into this state for a long while now, it was only a matter of time before he just snapped and screamed yes at the top of his lungs.

Dean Winchester has always had that cross to bear, the weight of everything on his shoulders, and the fact that he has muddled through this long says something. But the pressure, the feeling of hopelessness and just not knowing how any other alternative could work without having someone else get caught in the crossfire, Dean feels like he needs to do this. That there is no other way but this. Ever the martyr, Dean. But at the same time, this isn't the same Dean Winchester who was all but fighting against destiny and prophecy, who would die before becoming some archangel sockpuppet in this war. Dean has been feeling tired, exhausted, that no matter what happens there's always another obstacle to overcome, always something else to remind him that there is nothing he can do. When Adam comes back he makes a notable point, about why wouldn't someone do anything to stop Lucifer. That's the kind of mindset someone would have, if they didn't know the alternative motives the angels have in mind. Perhaps Dean was heading in that direction, in that by just defying and refusing to say yes, he's prolonging further destruction and he's more or less causing the end of humanity rather than helping saving it. So it's understandable from his point of view, even if we know that he cannot just give up like this, that he must have faith, either in himself or in others around him.

Although that doesn't really excuse his behavior in the beginning. He treated everyone either like crap or without any kind of regard; towards Bobby, Sam and even Castiel. That's the Dean Winchester way of pushing them away, I guess, because of what he's going to do and no matter what they say there's nothing that will change his mind. Stubborn Winchester is stubborn.

Though honestly? I really wish that Dean would at least give acknowledgment to everything Castiel has given for him. Because Castiel left his home, his family, everything behind so he can join Dean in this fight, the fight for humanity to win. Even though we kinda know that they've been budding around on the show, that level of trust between them, sometimes it would be nice to have another meaningful talk between them about everything, kind of the way Sam and Dean do repeatedly about how much they've sacrificed over the years. I feel like not only do we need to hear it, but Castiel needs to hear it, too. Castiel may see inside of Dean, may know him better than anyone from the good to the downright worst things he's done, but Castiel needs to hear the words coming from Dean himself. At least, I think so anyway. To give him some comfort, some reassurance that whatever happens they are in this together.
"I'm sorry, Dean. I don't have the same faith in you that Sam does."
This statement from Castiel hurt, but I think it's a half-truth. I still believe that Castiel does have faith in Dean, but that faith has somewhat dwindled due to seeing inside of Dean in knowing that he could be swung either way. Before he knew that Dean wouldn't give into Zachariah and the angels that easily, but now he's seen that Dean was willing to banish him in order to surrender to them. I think Castiel still takes that personally, that punch in the gut for everything he's done for him. Although Castiel is still willing to sacrifice himself for Dean, for the Winchesters and for humanity, his disappointment in Dean still lingers because of it. Which again, he has every reason to be upset and disappointed because all he's done is give and give and give, do everything and anything for Dean. But that doesn't mean Dean can just turn his back on everything. The fact that Castiel is willing to make a suicidal attempt in helping them once again still says that he's in this fight still, and that says something, that he still is dedicated to Dean regardless.

Of course, this was more to get to the point that it's about Sam and Dean, about their brotherly relationship and how they've reconnected on that kind of level towards the end of being on the same page once again. But the relationship between Dean and Castiel still needs to be repaired in the same way, too. Dean needs to show Castiel that he still is in the fight, that he hasn't given up. I firmly believe this is a testament of their faiths, of their beliefs and trust in each other. Love hurts, it's never easy, and this is why I believe this bump in Dean and Castiel's friendship will only make them stronger in the end. To understand through thick and thin, they'll be in this fighting side by side together, no matter what.

They've all hit that certain rock bottom, raw emotions spilling over them, from hopelessness and losing of faith to downright anger and rage and sheer disappointment. Hopefully, with the last remaining episodes of the season, they can work it out and hop right back into this fight with full force.

Theory: The Righteous Man, Servant of Heaven, and the One True Vessel

There's been plenty of discussion and theories regarding what happened in the end of the episode when Dean killed Zachariah, following in with the "only angels can kill other angels" notion and the fact that Dean looked directly at Zachariah when his Grace was destroyed into oblivion. This leaves us with many lingering questions and things to ponder on where the show is going.

We've been given hints that Dean is a much greater deal than we think, rather than just being some kind of human vessel for an archangel. There's something deeper and more meaningful to the role he's supposed to play. Whether this is in connection to his special destiny or this is something else entirely, there's no doubt the show is presenting us with clues to what this special something within Dean is supposed to mean, and what it means for Team Free Will and the rest of humanity and the outcome of this war. We first give evidence to there being something different about Dean from 5.17 "99 Problems" when he kills the Whore of Babylon, something that only a servant of Heaven is capable of doing. This could have convinced Dean into thinking due of this act he must just give into destiny and surrender himself, but it could also mean something else. That Dean doesn't need to become a vessel of an archangel to fight this war, and we've seen Dean fight so fiercely before, and by killing not just the Whore of Babylon but killing an angel without any repercussions, this can only mean one thing.

Humanity will prevail in this war, if Dean absolutely is right in bringing the fight to Heaven and to Lucifer's forces, and he believes this is the right course of action and that he has that willpower of doing so, then yes, they will win.

However this works, whatever the reason for Dean having the capability of killing two indestructible and impossoble-to-kill beings, what I'm hoping for is that this is going to not be retconning and giving the deus ex machina of giving Dean "special powers" to defeat Lucifer. As I've mentioned before, Supernatural is about the strength of humanity, the Winchesters are the representations of fighting for humanity, and to do so with the help of angelic powers or sorts would kind of be a cop-out. Since I believe their destinies are greater than that, greater than having some higher superpower allowing them to save the world then return to their normal lives. It has to be themselves and themselves alone. Dean just has to have the faith and belief that what he's doing is in the right. That's what's going to lead them to win this, because without faith in oneself how can you have faith in the cause? Going into something half-hearted doesn't exactly work as efficiently as you'd think, which is what led Dean down this road of hopeless despair. He just didn't have the heart or faith, so he needs to find that pick-me-up again and become the kickass hunter we all know and love.

There's also evidence from this episode that they haven't forgotten about the true forms and voices of angels can destroy and kill regular humans, the beginning scene was very pointed at that. So that last scene when we purposefully focus on Dean's eyes wasn't just for artistic play of showing in a reflection what was happening to Zachariah, it also gives more clues and hints that Dean is becoming who he was meant to be. There's no denying that greater significance of that scene from that shot alone. His power, his strength, comes from within, and in mind that he has only been able to do these things when he truly believes in it. That's the key here, that's what we should be looking for.

Now whether was able to kill Zachariah only because he technically did say "yes" in that moment or because of something else is up for further discussion and debate, because I don't really know myself. But my theory still stands that this is setting us up for some excellent humanity versus Heaven versus Hell standoff, and I really hope it's gonna be frakking good. Because four episodes left isn't a whole lot of time to really bring this apocalypse house down.

The Winchesters: It's Always Been About Family

What I appreciate about this episode was how emotionally dynamic it all was and how relevant it was to the entire cause. The intense focus on family, blood-related or otherwise, and the trust that comes with it.

Dean felt he couldn't trust Sam because of the decisions he's made in the past which, okay, is kinda understandable. But I honestly felt for Sam in this because he has been trying, especially in the last several episodes he's been trying so fucking hard. I love that despite that it is Sam that still has faith and trust in Dean, which I think kind of blindsided even Dean. Maybe Dean still feels like he shouldn't have someone trust him completely like that, someone who knows him and believes in him. But we see everyone else surrounding him is continuing on with this fight because of him. Bobby's intense speech was entirely because of that, Castiel fighting Dean was because of it, even with Sam calmly explaining himself was because of that, too. Even though yeah, it's hard to muddle through when people you care about are caught in the crossfire, don't forget about those who stick by you through those hard times.

Zachariah knew they would go after Adam because family is their weakness, but it's also their strength, something that Zachariah didn't count on. It's because of Sam's trust in Dean that made Dean reconsider at that last second with his plan, to make such a turnaround. Because of this action, Sam and Dean are back to being Sam and Dean, at least a newer version of because they have regained a level of trust and connection. They are making it through.

Family has been a huge factor in the show, not just with humans but with the angels, too. Sam and Dean, Michael and Lucifer; the disappointment Castiel has for his family in Heaven, of being cast out, shunned. One can only hope that it all works out for everyone in the end, one way or another.

Memorable Moments of the Episode:

++ The opening scene with Zachariah in the bar, bitching about his job position to some random human was just fantastic. The notion of having Heaven being something like a corporate business organization makes for a great parallel and better understanding about the roles every angel plays; Zachariah is one of the bosses/superiors of a smaller division of angels, but he, too, has that larger than life boss (Michael, I'm presuming?) that is taking control while the Big Man Upstairs is on vacation. It's kind of interesting, because that means the roles of angels in mythology don't necessarily stick; the archangels still apply, but certain angels can be either promoted or demoted depending. In this scene, it seemed like Zachariah was demoted until he was given another chance. Plus, him going "no, that's my boss" and then singing while he left was just comical, if not morbid considering what happened to those two men.

++ Dean placing his beloved possessions inside that box, from his leather jacket to his gun, and then writing that letter? Very effective scene. It definitely resembled him committing suicide, which he was and wasn't.

++ Did this episode begin directly after last episode? Like, him going to that motel by himself was the day after he went to visit Lisa? It would seem like it. And if so, that would explain the epic pissiness from Castiel, that post-hangover attitude I've seen in plenty of people before. With added angst, feelings of betrayal and devastation, to boot.


++ JAKE ABEL! \O/ I loved him coming back as Adam, the third Winchester. All the butthurt comments about OMG THERE CANNOT BE ANOTHER WINCHESTER IT IS ONLY SAM AND DEAN better stfu because honestly? I love him. He was being a bitchy and stubborn teenager, which is in-character and spot-on for someone who never met these people before and doesn't know anything about what's happening. SO YAY FOR ADAM.

++ "Because they're angels." This is actually a very good point Adam makes. Unless you're completely in the loop with how manipulative these angels are, most people are going to believe that angels are there to help us. That's the common knowledge about angels in our culture and society. So I can't really blame Adam for thinking that.


DEAN: Blow me, Cas.
CASTIEL: *frowns* Here Dean, in public?

++ "The last time a person looked at me like that, I got laid."

"The last time a person looked at me like that, I got laid."





++ "You know Sam and Dean Winchester are psychotically, irrationally, EROTICALLY codependent on each other, right?" LOL @ THIS! Again, fanservice, this show provides it.

++ Can I just mention that, as a whole, I fucking love how bitchy Castiel is? I love my bitchy BAMF angel who is fucking fierce and doesn't take anyone's shit, just goddamn. Misha is extra hot when he's being all aggressive and intense. Especially when he's all arm-folded and looking pissy at Dean. The eyesex would be even more epic with just them glaring at each other like that alone, just wow.

++ I'm with Dean, I am kinda disappointed that the angel room was being held in some random abandoned warehouse in California (BUT YAY! HOME STATE REPRESENTING! LOL @ RANDOM PALM STREETS AS TEAM FREE WILL STRUTTING BY) Mostly because I thought that they would have their hiding quarters in a less, well, obvious kind of place. But I love that Castiel was all matter-of-fact like, what, you were expecting something else? lol

++ I love that despite how disappointed Castiel was in Dean in this episode, he was willing to give once more for their cause by taking on one BADASS MOTHERFUCKING PLAN on ridding the gang of angels protecting the room sot the Winchesters could get a lucky break. He's still willing to die for Dean, again, and I think that says a lot about how much Castiel still has faith in him, at least enough to do this. He could be all "I've got nothing left to lose" but I don't think that's it, he still believes in fighting the good fight with them, being for Team Free Will and all that. But just, yeah. And seriously, how can you question where his loyalties lie when he MOTHERFUCKING CARVED THE BANISHING SIGIL DIRECTLY ONTO HIS CHEST!? GODDAMN THAT IS HARDCORE.

I do wonder, did he use whatever powers he had inside of him to keep the wound from leaking through? Because he has that white dress shirt on, and blood causing stains. Either way, that was just badass to the bone. BAMF!CAS = LOVE. <3 <3 <3 <3 I just hope he's okay and returns to his Dean for some epic apologies and comfort!sex.....

++ DEAN KILLING ZACHARIAH = AWESOMESAUCE. But it's also kind of sad because I loved to hate him. He was the best antagonistic angel on the show since Uriel, all that corporate Heaven stuff I mentioned before it all made sense with him. I just, I kinda loved seeing him and wanting to see what other manipulative shit he would do next. Just because. I'll miss his weasley, skeezy self. KURT FULLER YOU WERE AWESOME.


Overall: I found this to be an excellent episode to be the 100th of the series, perhaps one of my top favorites of the season no doubt about that. I know some people were expecting more or whatever, but as someone who didn't read any spoilers this was a win of an episode. Emotional character arcs definitely are a plus, and the added epic blatant slash innuendos were surely the highlights are the entire episode, no fucking doubt about that either. It's what got fandom all capslocking and squeeing and shit, because we've had subtext before but hot damn they provided actual text this time. All we needed to see was some bumping and grinding in the alleyway between Dean/Castiel and it wouldn't have fazed us one bit because, HELLO SEXUAL TENSION YOU CAN CUT WITH A KNIFE! :D I feel like Kripke is sending us as much love as possible before the season ends, because next season I doubt we'll be getting as much slash undertones with who's been picked to be the forerunner, let alone that Jeremy Carver could very well be leaving the show. *grumbles* This episode was more about those emotional points than plot, but the plot that was shown was there because it added more mysterious depth to what direction they're heading about Dean and his destiny. I thought it was superbly done, very intense.

Loved everything, from the fight scenes -- which I mock the stupid question asked at the LA Con, "were these fight scenes like, choreographed or whatever? *durrr hurrr*" -- the tension between characters, just everything. I LOVE THIS SHOW LIKE A BURNING AND IT IS JUST AWESOME OKAY?

Four more episodes left, think we can make it? *crosses fingers*

And because I still have to get through a ton of codas from this episode alone (ilu fandom, seriously), here's one I deeply recommend because it is just that good and guh-worthy.

Walled In (Dean/Castiel, R) by annundriel
Castiel feels...frustrated and useless and angry, so very angry.

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