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Music Meme, gacked from missambs

1) Total volume of music files on my computer?
Over about 2,000+ I believe, generally I don't bother counting anymore because it keeps growing.

2) The last CD I bought was...
The Phantom of the Opera that is shared between my sister and I, because it's a gorgeous soundtrack to the film. As for myself, I recently bought Gretchen Wilson, Here For The Party.

3a) The last song I listened to before writing this was...
Gretchen Wilson -- Pocahontas Proud

3b) Song playing right now:
Shinohara Emi -- We Believe You

4a) Five songs I listen to a lot.
Considering that I have limited choices here, I'm going to pick the ones I've currently been listening to lately:
Ayumi Hamasaki -- GAME // Inspire
Ayaka Komatsu -- C'est la Vie
The Killers -- Somebody Told Me
Gretchen Wilson -- Redneck Woman
Tegan and Sara -- Superstar

4b) Songs that mean a lot to me.
I'm just merely going to state random artists/songs that I personally like:
LeAnn Rimes -- How Do I Live Without You
Barry Manilow -- Keep Each Other Warm
Josh Groban -- Remember
Keiko Kitagawa -- Sakura Fubuki
Rachel Farris -- It's All You

5) Which 5 people are you passing this baton to, and why?
keykook16, because I'm very interested on what she places on hers. :p
taradiane, because she has introduced my sister and I to The Killers, and I'm intriuged by what else she might offer up.
psychobarfly, the loffly Steph must have something to contribute of musical artists. ;)
beauty_awake, I'd like to know her what she listens to, what artists she enjoys and so forth.
wisdomeagle....if she hasn't done this meme already....

I have a wide range in music, as if you couldn't tell. Those that judge someone based on their musical tastes obviously aren't worth anyone's time. For me, I love practically everything. I've been keeping in touch with my country music loving, hence my quite apparent obsession with Gretchen Wilson. I've always loved country music, however during those awkward teen years I wasn't admitting to my liking of the genre. But those times have passed, and I am comfortable in cranking up the music inside the car while driving past those that play their rap and hip-hop too loud. Not only is it amusing to see the disgust and repulsive expressions on their faces, but bellowing out those light twang notes are lovely to the ears.

Dislike country? Don't argue or debate about it with me. I realize that country is one of the most dismissed genres, but I still love it dearly.

Why the explanation? I've been accused for liking country, I've been criticized because of my musical tastes, and there have been moments where people generalize country music as "conservative lectures". Correction: country music isn't about conservative viewpoints or overzealous religious crazies preaching about the Word of God, anti-abortion scriptures and so on. The stereotypical redneck description, as it is so claimed to be. This is a misconception that people assume because the South is constantly bashed because of their lifestyle. True, there are a lot of right-wings down in the southern parts of the United States, and yes many of these Southerners aren't necessarily confrontable in friendly debates in politics and religion. And yes, some folks from the south listen to country music, read the Bible daily, and carry a rifle while living out in the sticks. But not every single person in the South live this way, and the majority of them are fairly nice people. It's just their upbringing that has their opinions shaped the way they are, that's all.

Country music doesn't automatically mean someone has horrible taste in music. Of course, country isn't the only genre of music that's lesser popular on the Top 40 Music Charts -- classical, jazz, and blues are also dismissed, too. The younger generation aren't used to listening to these sorts of stuff, and once hearing it they classify it as "old people music". That's fine with me, but I fear the younger generation of kids not getting exposed to different genres other than hip-hop, rap, alternative rock, and pop. Rap is also discriminated against, and while I'm not fond of it I do know there's intelligent and well-spoken rap artists out there that haven't been discovered yet, or are underappreciated by the media.

Point is, liking country music doesn't make someone "lame" or something along those lines. It just means they listen to something different. You may like that or you may not, it depends on how you view things. But it's disrespectful to bash someone for liking something different. If you have to, go back to the Golden Rule -- if you can't say something nice to someone, then don't say anything at all.
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