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Don't piss off the nerd angels.


Rewatched "Point of No Return" for like the umpteenth, because how can I not? Seriously, that episode made me shit and puke sparkles and rainbows and the more I watch it the more I love it. Anyway, going through the episode again I noticed a few things, whether they are of importance or not doesn't really matter, I feel like talking about them. Because I still need to express my love (and there's gushing over Misha/Castiel, obviously).

01. Bitchy!Castiel is my favorite. I love him just being so bitchy and kind of throwing little passive-aggressive tantrums in the beginning until he full-on unleashed all his emotions out onto Dean in the alleyway. Like, in the beginning he's all leaning against the wall, arms folded glaring at Dean (always making with the eyesexing even by glaring, I love that), he just pulled Adam from his grave like, what tracy hilariously said in her picspam review, "pulling out a carrot" which is precisely who I view the scene now every single time and I CRACK UP I AM NOT KIDDING. I CANNOT GET THAT IMAGE OUT OF MY HEAD OF CASTIEL CASUALLY PULLING BODIES FROM THEIR GRAVES LIKE HARVESTING CARROTS OR SOMETHING. XD Which he then just tosses Adam like a ragdoll onto the bed in Bobby's house, lol. And then when they're talking to Adam about what the angels have planned, Castiel goes all bitchy to Dean when he says, "maybe they wrongly assumed Dean would be brave enough to withstand them". Emphasis on the word "wrongly" there. His sarcasm drips with bitchiness, and I like it. Then there's, of course, the bitchy telekinetic panic room door slam, which I personally love.

I just, I love bitchy!Castiel. We're not used to seeing this side of him frequently, but they've been fleshing out this bitchy and sarcastic side of him bit by bit, and it's also the subtly of how Misha's performance showing how Castiel is further becoming familiarized with human mannerisms, whether it's a change in posture or emphasizing something in a sentence. Because when you think back to S4 that's just something Castiel wouldn't have done, or if he was bitchy it was only for a moment before he pulled himself back into being the obedient soldier. So I really love how they've conducted it, and mostly none of it would have been possible without Misha, really. Writing can only get you so far, it's the actor that has to provide the performance to make the written words come to life on the screen.

02. Castiel presented and used more of his powers in this episode than what we've seen of him previously (or perhaps ever?), which I found very interesting. One point of this in particular is when he's transporting himself from one place to another, whether appearing or disappearing he makes his presence known with an audible whoooosh and you visibly see papers flying about. This isn't something that has happened on a regular basis. He's just suddenly there or just goes without much warning, most times with a soft flapping of wings to really announce his coming or going. Which is why I suspect the main reason for the ~dramatic wind~ was part of Castiel's bitchiness. Kinda like the panic room door slam, this was his way of being kind of tantruming about. HIS BITCHINESS AND RAGE TRANSCENDED THROUGH HIS TRAVELING MECHANISM AND I KINDA LOVE THAT. IT TICKLES ME FOR SOME REASON. ;D

03. I'm finding there's been some debate on whether Zachariah mentioned "erotically" or "neurotically" when describing the brothers being codependent on each other. I've rewatched the scene, trying to decipher what he really said, and honestly I can't tell. I think either works though, depending on your fannish stance on being a Wincester or just a casual fan. For me? I don't necessarily care. The show likes adding little slash-filled lines for shits and giggles and the fanservice. It's however you interpret the context of the scene, really.

04. I love how despite his tantrums and bitching around that when Sam returns from his talk with Dean, Castiel has a soft expression on his face. I kind of love that little moment because it's like he's both irritated that Dean would ever consider surrendering to the angels, and yet so very concerned for him at the same time. Even in the alleyway it was the same thing, after beating him up and letting go of his pent up emotions and frustrations upon Dean he just couldn't do any more because he truly does care about Dean. Love hurts people, it was totally the "this hurts me more than it hurts you" thing that was happening between them. I just cannot stop watching the alleyway scene because of that. Castiel doesn't want to hurt Dean but dammit, if Dean is just this stubborn and push him Castiel is gonna push right back, just harder. And more demanding. Because he's still a BAMF, after all.

05. Oh, another thing about the alleyway scene. It's that moment when you realize just how many people were wandering on the sidewalk just a few feet away while all of that was going on that you're kinda like, ummmm, why aren't people noticing this?? If this was real life and there was a huge brawl happening, esp in an alleyway like that, people would be gathering around or at least stopping to watch it happen, or the police would arrive or something. I know, I know, this is fictional and it was all for the storytelling and it's the filming angles and all of that, but sometimes I just have to pause and wonder about those kinds of things, esp after multiple viewings of said scene. It's like UM PPL, SOME GUY IS GETTING HIS ASS WHOOPED BY A VERY PISSED OFF NERD ANGEL AND Y'ALL AREN'T USING YOUR CAMERA PHONES?! lol can you imagine if that actually happened? And Sam would find it the next day and be all, "um Dean, how come there's video of you and Castiel on YouTube?" And Dean would be all "O_o....doing what?" all embarrassed and shit. LOL!

06. I still kind of laugh at the random palm trees in the background towards the end. Like the show is saying, "in case you didn't believe Castiel when he said they're in California, LOOK! SOME PALM TREES!" lol

As a random observation, the more I watch this show, particularly episodes from S4 and S5, the more I realize it probably wouldn't be the same without Castiel being involved somehow. Which is why I hope and PRAY TO GOD AND ALL THE LORDS OF KOBOL that they make Misha Collins a regular for next season as well, despite my still skeptical feelings about it. He's become such an essential part of the show and the emotional attachment I have for the character has reached to a point where it is just absolutely ridculous. I don't think I would stop watching Supernatural as a whole because I do want to see how the Winchester saga ends, but my level of fannishness wouldn't be the same. It's so strange that I've becoming so emotionally attached to such a character like that in such a short period of time and that he would be a determination of how I feel about the show in general, but I don't think I'm not alone in thinking this, right?

To end this post, I think I'll leave you guys this: Misha Collins singing in Russian!!!! During I think the meet & greet tables thing during the JIB convention where the girls were singing a Russian song Misha remembered during childhood (1:20m) and he started singing and kind of dancing along to (1:50m).

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