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This is my brain on fandom crossovers, yay.

Still kind of numb from last night's episode. I honestly don't know what I should be feeling at this moment regarding Show; I mean, I'm all a bundle of emotions right now that I honestly can't articulate it right now. Which might be a first considering. So I'll distract myself with something else until I can.

I'm kinda working on a Kahlan/Castiel fanmix, because I loves my crackalicious crossover pairings, but I'm thinking of writing a plotty Dean/Castiel story that was inspired by Legend of the Seeker, mostly how it would seem to fit with Castiel's character development in my own head!canon. This is not exactly spoilery for LotS itself, but I'll cut it just to be safe.

Even though I intend to do a fusion-crossover between these two fandoms at some point, there's something that struck me might actually make for a wonderful story. In Legend of the Seeker there's something known as the Con Dar*, or the Blood Rage. Only the most powerful and strongest of Confessors possess this power, which of course Kahlan possesses in the series. It is an uncontrollable and sometimes deadly force and it is described as such:
Con Dar can be invoked only on behalf of a loved one of the Confessor's. Once a Confessor has entered the Con Dar, they can only subsequently enter it in defense of the person for whom it was initially entered.
So I got to thinking, what if Castiel had something similar to the Con Dar? Perhaps it’s something that only the most powerful of angels possess and only those who are considered rightfully honored by God Himself? What if possessing this power, when already cut off from Heaven, makes him question his own role other than just some "poor example" of an angel underling? Since I already believe that God brought Castiel back for a particular purpose...what if Castiel's love and affection for Dean triggers this power to emerge, especially when Dean is in severe danger or when he's in just pure rage like what we saw in 5.18 "Point of No Return" and it can serve them all well in this war, which, inevitably, brings him and Dean closer together and towards their own destinies which are, of course, entwined with each other? And Dean is the only one that can calm him or cease such a power from Castiel once he gets to that point, much like how it's Richard who calms Kahlan when she's in the Con Dar.

* Here's a small clip of Kahlan using the Con Dar in case anyone needs a visual or just to see how awesome it is

Could it work, or am I just crazy? Or is it just crazy enough to work? Mmmmm....
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