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What is this "sleep" that you're referring to?

Comment if you'd like a color. Then list ten things that you like/love which are that color.

kaiyote gave me, of course, pink! :D

01. I have to say the icon I'm using, because I love it so so much. Because it's PINK and it's proclaiming my love for MISHA COLLINS. And really, how can you resist Misha Collins being surrounded by pink? It makes the world a much better place. Plus having him smile rainbows everywhere, but we already knew that. ♥

02. My pink Motorola RAZR cell phone.

03. My pink fleece pajama bottoms. They're just so fluffy and warm and have made surviving the cold winter nights much better. I also kinda lounge in them whenever I'm not going anywhere, they are that comfortable.

04. The majority of my closet. I have a wide range of colorful clothes, but I definitely have a lot of pink now that I actually looked. Some of my favorite shirts are pink or have some variation of pink in them, which I find interesting. I also have at least a few pink dresses that I adore, one is a summer dress that I've worn on several occasions. It's very pretty.

05. My bedroom window sill, it was painted pink before we moved in years ago. I just never bothered changing it. It adds to the girly-ness of my room. ;)

06. Strawberry lemonade. ♥ Okay technically it can be seen as red-colored, but whenever I get mine it looks very pink or dark pink, so I say it's pink. I pretty much am addicted to strawberry lemonade, like whoa. No alcohol for me, that strawberry lemonade shit will make me high and giddy almost instantly.

07. Ballet slippers. Ballet tights. My ballet leotard is crimson, but I would have gone for pink if they had it available when I bought it, which I'm thinking perhaps next time I should get something like this ballet dress because it's all pink and pretty and omg me wants the preciousssss. ♥

08. My little stuffed bear that I had, and still have, since I was like really little. She was my first best friend ever and I wouldn't dream of letting her go. lol, that sounds kinda lame I know.

09. NAIL POLISH. I LOVE PINK NAIL POLISH. I haven't painted my nails for some time, but I have a least several different shades of pink, ranging from very hot pink to incredibly light baby pink which can be used as a neutral kind of wear for anything.

10. The majority of my childhood, actually. I say this because me and my sister would have ourselves our own color scheme. I was pink, she was purple. That's how we identified each other and what our colors were. My mother, who is like the coolest mother in the entire world (trufax) made most of our clothes and she made me this pink bejeweled jean jacket that had a My Little Pony cross-stitched on the back. I WAS LIKE THAT COOL, YOU GUISE. RESPECT. I think I still have that jacket stored in storage, actually. I may just have to dig it out one of these days....


Will totally be watching the shit out of that. Yeah it'll probably suck and be completely horrible as most SciFi movies generally are. But I don't care, because there will be MISHA COLLINS and STONEHENGE and MANY OTHER AMAZINGLY CRACKY THINGS and you know it'll be absolutely delicious. <3

Also, um, that spoilery clip for next week's SPN.

Well, it's not necessarily spoilery as it is FUCKING HILARIOUS. I just have this to say: I think I read a fanfic like this once. *g* Kripke is totally stealing from fandom, y'all.
Tags: meme, misha collins, rl on the dl, spoilers (except not really), supernatural
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