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One of the reasons why I love this show.

Something that isn't Supernatural? GASP! SHOCKING! ;p

This is somewhat a way of promoting my love for Legend of the Seeker, despite the announcement of it being canceled. One of my massive loves comes from its characters, all of them actually, especially these two lovely hardcore ladies kicking some major ass and looking gorgeous doing so. ♥ These kinds of fighting sequences happen almost every episode, including the slow-motion camera techniques which is something of a signature for the show. I just love seeing the choreography of every fight scene, it's so remarkable and the fact that these ladies fight in those outfits astounds me. Plus them beating up a gang of men is never not gonna be awesome seeing all the time, hee.

And let me just say this: Legend of the Seeker achieves where Supernatural utterly fails at concerning the writing of female characters. In fact, I haven't seen strong women like I've seen on LOTS in a very, very long time. And that's saying something, which makes it harder to accept that it'll be gone from my screen. *insert sadface here*

This is also my attempt at getting others converted to this amazingly awesome show, so if you like what you see, start watching! In addition to that, please sign this petition so that LOTS can get a third season. It might be a long-shot, but we still gotta try.
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