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Life hands you lemons when you asked for oranges

Nothing incredibly exciting has occurred, unless you count writing an analysis paper for Film class entertaining. You would think it would be simple to write about a movie in an orderly format system, but alas, it's easier said than done. Stressing over how I word my sentences and the structures, my punctuation and spelling, I fear that my professor will notice these small mistakes and dock off points (and he's known for writing sidenotes on written essays and test books). Tonight will be quite interesting, and hopefully I won't stress and spaz out before I finish it like I have done in the past.

Speaking of movies, I have recently discovered more films that are going to be out later this year (possibly premiering next year) that I really want to go see. And one in particular is:

Memoirs of a Geisha: Based on the best-selling novel by Arthur Golden, and starring Ziyi Zhang as Nitta Sayuri. I know there's controversy over Chinese actors playing Japanese characters and whatnot, but that's the spirit of acting. On the plus side, Ziyi Zhang is a very beautiful woman and will be able to pull off the role perfectly.

There are films out already that I have yet to see, and some have been released onto DVD and video that I still haven't seen. I'm completely out-of-the-loop of being a moviegoer, which used to be my obsession almost every weekend years ago. Now, I've been occupied with other stuff (i.e. school stuff).

In the world of fandom, according to the Dark Horizons article which states the shows that are being renewed and those that have bombed out, Medium has been picked up for another season, so has Veronica Mars and Grey's Anatomy. L&O and CSI have also been renewed, but there's no surprise there. But why is Charmed being renewed for another season? Haven't they already killed off all their good plots many seasons ago? Now, they're looking for any excuse just to be left on the air. But I've heard rumors that Shannon Doherty is going to return as Prue in their next season (how their going to pull that off, I don't know -- the drama onset is going to be interesting, since her and Alyssa aren't the bestest of friends). Personally, Charmed is almost like Dawson's Creek; 'twas interesting for a little while, but after someone dies all their plots and storylines and acting seemed to have dropped as well. Except for Holly Marie Combs, she's amazing no matter how many times this show jumped the shark, which has been numerous of times.

Medical Investigations has been cancelled, which is a shame. I caught an episode one night and it seemed like a well-made series. Arrested Development might also be on the cancelled list as well, but it's still on the fence of decision.

Must go off and finish this paper before I procrastinate once again. *le sigh*
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