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Just passing the time.

I found this SPN survey while cruising around Tumblr (another addiction pastime I've discovered) and thought it looked pretty interesting. It's also appropriate because it seems to have been created rather recently, so yay. This is also a distraction from any kind of spoilers I've seen floating around about the finale itself, which I don't wanna know or see until it airs Thursday evening, thank you very much.

01. Favourite/least favourite character(s):
Favorite characters are Castiel (obviously) and Dean Winchester, always and forever. ♥

My least favorite character, and the only character on the entire show that I loathe and despise, is Anna Milton. Hated her, just absolutely fucking hated her character.

02. Favourite/least favourite episode(s):
On a fangirlish level I'd say anything dealing with Castiel, particularly "On The Head Of A Pin", "The Rapture" and "Free To Be You and Me", but in all honesty there are handfuls of episodes I loved and adored throughout the seasons that I can't possibly name them all right here. I think the episodes that deal with the mythology of the show are what I am more attracted to, like in season four anything dealing with the angels and their plans for Dean, since they added depth and I think I enjoy that aspect more than anything else. My least favorite episodes are those that are filler and just have nothing to do with the plot whatsoever, or episodes like "I Know What You Did Last Summer" and "Heaven and Hell" that were so atrociously bad bad bad that I practically erased them for canon altogether.

03. Favourite line:
"This isn't funny Dean! The voice says I'm almost out of minutes!" ;p That will never get old.

04. Favourite song(s):
"Carry On My Wayward Son" by Kansas. It's become pretty much the anthem of Supernatural. It's the SPN version of BSG's "All Along The Watchtower", especially the religious undertones. My second favorite would definitely have to be between "Renegade" by Styx and the fantastic rendition of "O Death" by Jen Titus. The latter is what I consider the theme for both seasons four and five, for sure. There's just something so ominous and haunting about the song that really sets the mood, particularly with season four and some episodes we dealt with in season five.

05. Favourite episode title(s):
The majority of the fourth season; they seemed to be going on with a theme of religious/spiritual/biblical titles, plus "Lazarus Rising" and "Lucifer Rising" being the bookends of the season was just an amazing way of handling the season overall.

06. Favourite sex scene(s):
None. The sex scenes are incredibly cheesy and cheapen the show, in my honest opinion.

07. Biggest SPN pet peeve:
Oh boy, here we go.

While I do love this show, it does have its flaws. The main one I find is the writing, which can range from being absolutely fantastic to dreadful and cringe-worthy almost instantly, depending on who the writer is for an episode; it can fluctuate from being fluid to not handling that balance well between arc episodes and filler episodes. The writing and treatment of women on the show, where it's gotten to the point where I just don't want them to write female characters at all anymore because they just fail at it tremendously. The ~epic manpain~ of Sam and Dean was becomes not only redundant but just unresolved and repetitive that I've just become bored and tired with it, hence why I turn to supporting characters. And going with that, the treatment of supporting characters, particularly this season. When you have strong supporting characters with much potential, you should use that instead of just offing them. The show isn't always supposed to be just Sam and Dean you know, they can have allies and friends on their side without having to have their heads cut off. The fact that there's going to be a sixth season pisses me off; I would rather have the show end on the Apocalypse rather than having another season. The fact that Kripke is stepping down and giving the reigns to Sera Gamble of all people, who I honestly don't trust in writing directions or handling of these characters, of being the show's forerunner next season. Definitely not happy about that at all.

It may seem like I'm nitpicking too much, but there will be times when certain decisions or directions the show takes that really makes me go WTF WERE YOU GUYS THINKING?! These have been my major gripes and I don't know if it's just what's been my mood concerning the show recently that brought them out, but yeah. There you go.

Also, the Supernatural fandom. I've met some amazingly fabulous people from this fandom and I love you all don't get me wrong, hell it's because of SPN that I went to my first convention ever, but seriously, the wanking and the batshit crazy drama is just ridiculous and out of control that sometimes I feel ashamed to be associated with it.

08. How did you find out about SPN/why do you like it?
I found out through my sister who started watching it first, I came into the show during its second season. Because this is how things tend to go: my sister starts getting into something, chances are I might end up following suit. It's a thing we have, I don't even know what it is. Though funnily she hates anything dealing with horror or anything scary, so her watching Supernatural at all was kind of bewildering.

What caught my interest to it was mainly the mythology. I know it's common for fans to say it was Jared or Jensen and all of that, but honestly while they're good-looking guys that doesn't really pull me into a show. What initially pulled me into the show was the mythological arc they had, the ghost stories and urban legends and having something in the background that seemed to have a deeper level than what the boys were dealing with weekly. The story about them finding their father, about how there's this grander plan hidden them just hunting, this demon that they're hunting down to avenge their mother's death, and so forth. I liked having that because it's kind of beautiful in a tragic kind of way. Which is why I loved the season two finale because it really tied up everything from the first two seasons.

09. Who would you like to guest star on SPN and why?
Seeing as how they've had more than a dozen BSG alumni on the show already, I'd say Grace Park or Katee Sackhoff. I'd think either one would make great badass female hunters. Michael Trucco or Tahmoh Penikett too. I would also love to see Tricia Helfer reappear on the show again, because I can just imagine her to be one hardcore archangel, for real. Oh, and Bridget Regan and Tabrett Bethel. Basically, getting actresses that can actually portray amazingly awesome kickass characters without even trying. ♥ Because unfortunately, the show doesn't doesn't do such characters justice.

10. Character from another fandom you’d like to see in SPN:
Faith Lehane from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. She'd kick ass, take names and just be all around amazing.

11. Which character do you want to come back?

12. Which character would you like to meet in real life?
Castiel. Since he is that bookworm nerdy little angel, I would love to get into a deep philosophical conversation with him, particularly about theology since I love such topics. I would also offer him cookies!

13. Jared Padalecki has decided not to shave his sideburns or cut his hair for quite some time now, this has become problematic for many fans; explain how you would go about in fixing this.
INTERVENTION AND SCISSOR SNIPPING TIME! I'd pretty much tie him down and just cut it all off, and tell him "honey, you used to be cute, don't ever do this to yourself again or else I'll fucking buzzcut you like Jensen."

14. Who do you want to play God?
Lady Gaga. Or Tricia Helfer. Or Queen Latifah. Or Edward James Olmos.

15. If Supernatural didn’t exist, but Sam and Dean did, which TV show would you want to see them in?
That's easy, Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Be on a show where the women are actually portrayed and treated fairly, and where Dean can get called out on being such a manwhore all the time (I do love Dean dearly, but it's true; and Buffy could smack some sense into him). Also, just for pure shits and giggles, I would want to see their reactions to being in Legend of the Seeker. Can you imagine them fighting with swords instead of guns? Riding on horses instead of the Impala? I think Sam would have a kick out of it, while Dean would be completely confused and frustrated because he would kind of not want to have anything to do with magic and wizardry, and the women that he cannot leer at because they would make him cry and beg for mercy, lol.

16. If you could make a crossroads deal, would you? If yes, what would the deal be for?
I'd say no, because why would I want to suffer eternity in Hell for something like that? Sometimes we have to live with the losses in our lives no matter how horrible they may be, no matter how tempting the thought is to have it instantly at our grasp with just a simple deal, because that's why the Crossroads is there to begin with; it's the weakness of human temptation in taking easy way outs with a temporary solution. However, if it was in time of absolute desperation and there was no other alternative, I definitely would take some consideration into possibly making such a deal, and it was for something not for myself, nothing selfish. I would have to be absolutely positive that my sacrifice for making such a deal would be worth it. But even then that would be on a very, very slim chance on me actually going through with it.

17. Do you prefer the Winchesters suited up or casual?
Mostly casual. I do like guys in suits but, Jared kind of looks awkward in his nowadays and it's not that attractive anymore, sorry to say. I think I prefer them wearing their civilian clothing more often, especially Dean because he has those amazing jackets, his green and blue one respectively.

18. In your opinion, did John Winchester do the right thing in raising Sam and Dean the way he did?
John Winchester was an ordinary man stuck in a horrible extraordinary situation that he didn't know or understand, and he tried the best he could under such circumstances. Was he the perfect father? No, but he was human, and humans make mistakes. John admitted that he wasn't the perfect father, he knows that and he knows that if he could restart everything he would have made better choices for his boys. I think many people hate on John because he's the easiest scapegoat for what happened in their lives, but sometimes it's not that easy and choices and decisions are made that, while not the best and certainly not the only alternative, seemed right at the time of making them. In hindsight John could have made better decisions about protecting his boys and not being so hard on them, pushing one away and treating the other like a soldier, but his obsession over his wife's death and the thing that killed her consumed him so much that he couldn't think of anything else to do.

This is turning into a mini-essay, lol. My point is, John Winchester definitely wasn't the greatest father in the world and made mistakes, but it's understandable given the circumstances and what he thought was for the best. That's the thing about parenting and being torn between one obligation and another.

17. How will you punish Kripke if he royally fucks up the finale to Supernatural?

18. A SPN picture or gif that you like:


There's something I've been wondering, what if Supernatural had a limited order of episodes than the standard 22 like most shows have? Like, say, they had 13 episodes every season? I think that would have better our chances in them actually focusing on the seasonal arc instead of having too many filler episodes and hiatuses interrupting its run, which is one of the problems most of us are having with seeing the consistent run of the season overall. I find limited episodes gives the creators time to really plan more thoroughly to fit in what they need to do for the story to be complete. British serials have this kind of formatting, and Asian dramas usually just have one go and that can range from having only three episodes to like thirty depending on how long they intend to tell the story. Somehow I find that would be a better alternative for some shows that mainly have a heavier mythological arc, like Supernatural does, so they don't have to wonder what they can do with the extra episodes left over. You know?

I'm just thinking aloud, is all.

And random note: I REALLY LOVE MILEY'S NEW SONG. IT IS WAY BETTER THAN CHRISTINA'S SINGLE. WTF IS THIS, I DON'T EVEN. Okay, truthfully? It was the music video that drew me in. Miley has wings. Wings! I was sold then and there, and the video itself is pretty awesome too, ngl. The song is pretty fierce, as well. I have it on repeat like, whoa. New addiction, and I love it. Because, duh, it's pop music. Why wouldn't I love it? ♥
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